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Chaos Reigns is a podcast hosted by Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke. Being involved in the filmmaking profession, they tend to focus on films. But like all good filmmakers, they have a wide variety of interests, ranging from the supernatural to pop culture to ....well whatever else strikes them.

Chaos Reigns Ep 117 “Nightmare in Branson”

Ari chats about her recent trip to Branson, MO. Dominic talks about his Nightmare on Elm Street marathon. They reveal the progress of their latest short film “Mr Pointy” and talk about some other random topics. Join them for episode 117.

Chaos Reigns Ep 116 “Replenish the Well”

Ari and Dominic talk about Dominic’s recent epic movie watching binge.

Ep 104 “Trick or Treat”


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