Panel OKs Discrimination: Adoption Agencies Will Be Safe To Turn Away Gay Couples

This trainwreck of a legislative session can’t end soon enough.  The Argus Leader is reporting that a law that will let adoption agencies use religion as grounds for discriminating against same-sex couples has been approved by its committee.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee on a 5-2 vote approved Senate Bill 149 despite opposing testimony from civil liberties advocates, gay foster parents and a representative of a national social workers group.

Representatives from religious adoption and foster placement groups and spokespeople for conservative advocacy groups stood to support it, saying faith-based adoption services and foster placement agencies in the state shouldn’t have to abandon their policies that restrict child placement to families that share the same religion and are in heterosexual marriages.

Sen. Alan Solano, R-Rapid City, said he brought the bill to ensure that groups with “sincerely held” religious views are able to place children with traditional families or with other parents that they deem appropriate.

All of this despite the science which indicates that children may do even better with same-sex couples than they do with straight couples.  But hey, this is the legislature that’s going to be teaching our kids that alchemy is science, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they’d let a little thing like reality get in the way of finding kids in need a good home.

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