Sioux Empire Podcast 083 – All About Sioux Falls City Council Member Greg Neitzert

Greg Neitzert is back this week to talk to the podcast crew (Robert Mehling and Natasha Estes) about his first term on the Sioux Falls City Council.  We get into Greg Neitzert’s background and things that have surprised him about being on the Council.  We also talk about work-life balance, citizen feedback, and Greg explains what a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) is and why it matters in city government.  This episode is sponsored by The DakotaBall Podcast, ‘Life, Love & basketball in a small town’ is an explorative journey into small town living and midwestern dreams of big-time high school basketball. Much more than just sports this podcast explores life in small and tiny towns.  This episode is also sponsored by Superstitions – A Psychological Spectacle.  From the mind games of Zac Tenneboe (@zstonish) comes his new show, “Superstitions.” It’s more than just a magic show, but a stunning one-man performance weaving mystery and theater. No rabbits. No top hats. No smoke and mirrors. Witness a different way to experience illusion.  The first 50 people to use promo code “siouxempire” will receive $1 off each ticket purchased online. Don’t miss out on this discount deal before it’s too late!  The Sioux Empire Podcast will do whatever it takes to impress Pickle Rick.  


Lloyd TIF Uptown Project



Rick and Morty (Robert’s Shameless Plug)



Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup (Natasha’s Shameless Plug)



Holly Cross Trunk-Or-Treat (Greg’s Shameless Plug)


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Highway Patrol Graduation Friday; Largest Group in 43 years

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota’s Highway Patrol officially welcomes its largest group of new troopers to the agency in more than 40 years this Friday during a graduation ceremony held in the State Capitol Rotunda in Pierre.


Class 59 consists of 20 recruits — 15 men and five women. It is the Highway Patrol’s largest class since 25 recruits graduated in 1974.


“This is a good group of recruits, who come from many different backgrounds and perspectives,” says Col. Craig Price, superintendent of the South Dakota Highway Patrol. “Their different skill sets and life experiences will make the Patrol stronger and help us to better meet the needs of the public.”


The recruits have completed eight months of training which included basic law enforcement training, attending the South Dakota Highway Patrol Recruit Academy and finally, field training. The period from initial application to graduation is about one year.


“This has been an intense period of training, but these recruits need to be ready for any situation they might face,” says Price. “It has not been easy, but Friday’s graduation is the culmination of their hard work and dedication. We look forward to celebrating the moment with the recruits and their families.”


The graduating recruits and their duty stations are: Jeremy Biegert, Belle Fourche; Zach Bruzelius, Pierre; Andrew Buns, Wall; Joshua De Wild, Chamberlain; Paige Erickson, Rapid City; Brian Gordon, Murdo; Ashley Granville, Pierre; Tyler Jackson, Rapid City; Shane Johnson, Mitchell; Peter Klein, Belle Fourche; Jordan Melius, Aberdeen; Devin Olson, Britton; Eric Peterson, Beresford; Brandon Ridgeway, Brookings; Brynne Rist, Platte; Maxwell Schrader, Spearfish; Sara Schumacher, Pierre; Jared Smith, Gettysburg; Daniel Woodring, Rapid City; and Tyler Woodside, Faith.


Gov. Dennis Daugaard is the guest speaker for the ceremony, which starts at 10 a.m.  At the end of graduation, the new troopers will receive their patrol cars which will be parked behind the state Capitol. Many of the graduates are scheduled to be on duty as early as Saturday, July 22.


The public is invited to attend the ceremony.


South Dakota’s Highway Patrol is part of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety.

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Dakota Free Press Episode 016: Joe and Spencer Check out the Fearmongers!

This week Joe Berns and Spencer Dobson sit in on Aberdeen’s latest fear fest, the April 16 anti-Muslim slideshow featuring “Understanding the Threat” book peddlers John Guandolo and Chris Gaubatz. Plus, Spencer and Cory talk about Randy Bryce, campaign finance, Dakota Access, and initiative and referendum.

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State Historical Society awards five historic preservation grants

PIERRE, S.D. — Historic preservation projects in Aberdeen, Canton, Hot Springs, Ipswich and Oakwood Lakes State Park have received matching grants from the South Dakota State Historical Society.

“2017 is the 20th year for this historic preservation grants program,” said Jay D. Vogt, director of the State Historical Society. “In 2016 we awarded $108,204 between 11 projects which had matching funds of $291,301. The resulting total public-private investment is $399,505. This program is designed to encourage restoration or rehabilitation of historic properties and is one more way we can promote and protect our history and culture.”

The grants are awarded through the State Historical Society’s Deadwood Fund grant program. Funding for the program is from Deadwood gaming revenue earmarked by state law for historic preservation projects throughout the state. The program is administered by the society’s State Historic Preservation Office at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre.

The following projects were the most recent to receive grants to supplement their work:

State Historical Society awards five historic preservation grants - Aberdeen, SD: Wylie Park Pavilion

State Historical Society awards five historic preservation grants – Aberdeen, SD: Wylie Park Pavilion

  • Aberdeen: Wylie Park Pavilion, built around  1912, $10,000 grant award to assist with repair and replacement of wood siding and for painting
  • Bruce vicinity (Oakwood Lakes State Park): Mortimer Cabin, built around 1869, $13,000 grant award to assist with the replacement of chinking and to repair logs, the stone foundation and the gable roof ends
  • Canton: Gale & Ward Bank Building, built in 1880, $12,000 to assist with the repointing of the brick masonry as part of a larger rehabilitation project
  • Hot Springs: the Harlou Building, built in 1893, $16,329 to assist with the repair of windows, installation of storm windows on the second floor and replacement of a non-historic storefront window
  • Ipswich: First Baptist Church, built in 1926, $12,000 to assist with replacing the roof

These new recipients represent a total award amount of $63,329 with planned matching funds of $157,498. The anticipated total public-private investment is $220,827.

Deadwood Fund grants are awarded twice a year, with grant application deadlines of Feb. 1 and Oct. 1.  They are reviewed at the spring and winter meetings of the State Historical Society’s board of trustees. For more information on the Deadwood Fund grant program, contact the State Historic Preservation Office at the Cultural Heritage Center, 900 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501-2217; telephone (605) 773-3458; or website history.sd.gov/Preservation.

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Dakota Free Press Episode 011: Aaron Schultz, Mark Remily, Terry LaFleur, and More!

The Dakota Free Press Podcast goes for two—*two* big local candidate interviews, with Aberdeen school board candidate Aaron Schultz and incumbent northeast Aberdeen city councilman Mark Remily, both of whom are on Aberdeen’s June 6 ballot!

But first, co-host Spencer Dobson and I have some fun at Republican gubernatorial candidate Terry LaFleur’s wall-building expense, then remind everyone in Aberdeen and across South Dakota with local elections coming up in June to register to vote!

Dakota Free Press Podcast

Dakota Free Press Podcast

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Dakota Free Press Episode 010: Tom Black, Chickens, Swastikas, TrumpCare, and More!

Aberdeen City Council northwest district candidate Tom Black sits down to talk with the blog. Black talks the city’s wise choice to choose long-term planning over public sentiment and avoid signing up for rural water. Black rejects fear of immigrants and says new residents have already boosted our workforce and economy and are essential to Aberdeen’s future growth. Plus, Black talks about bringing films and culture to Aberdeen and getting pigeons out!
But first, co-host Spencer Dobson and I also talk about chickens and swastikas and Aberdeen, Jackley and Krebs at the Rapid City hate fest, and how the only people who stand to benefit from Trumpcare are the rich people who get the tax cuts and the smart Democrats who campaign to protect everyone else from this awful, awful bill.

Dakota Free Press Podcast

Dakota Free Press Podcast

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Dakota Free Press: Episode 6 Death with Dignity, Protest, Noem, Fishing, and More!

This week, Spencer Dobson and I discuss Aberdeen’s anti-anti-Islam protest, Kristi Noem’s vanquishing of pine beetles, fishing and private property, and Head Start. Then Spencer and I interview Angie Albonico, leader of an initiative to make it legal for terminally ill South Dakotans to get life-ending drugs from doctors. Have a listen… and if you enjoy the show, help us do more by ringing the Dakota Free Press Tip Jar!

Dakota Free Press Podcast

Dakota Free Press Podcast

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Clare Lopez Bigotry Rally in Aberdeen

The SoDakLiberty blog is back in the saddle with some great video from protestors outside of the Clare Lopez “Neo-Clan rally” (Those are my words to describe it) in Aberdeen, SD.  Events like this are taking place across South Dakota and I think it’s important to let people know that not everyone in South Dakota buys the bullshit snake oil sales people like Clare Lopez deal in.

If you want to witness some of this ugliness for yourself SoDakLiberty has video of the entire presentation inside.  Warning NSFYS (Not Safe For Your Soul).  It’s the usual mix of tinfoil hat wearing internet paranoia, combined with good old fashioned racism and bigotry that preys on ignorance and fear of the unknown.  A toxic soup of serial killer’s apartment collage style clippings and yarn linking everyone from liberals, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefellers, George Soros, Black Lives Matter, and UFOs.  I only made up one of those.

The inside of Clare Lopez's Head Apparently - Photo from BuzzFeed

The inside of Clare Lopez’s Head Apparently – Photo from BuzzFeed

By far the most ridiculous moment of the day (which is really saying something) has to go to the opening “Christian” prayer.  I can’t find this pastor’s name online but for the rest of this article, we’ll call him Pastor Cognitive Dissonance.  The void opens at the 2:12 mark of the video.

Don’t try to understand what Pastor Cogy is saying here kids, blood will shoot out of your nose.


The normal and healthy response to listening to that “Prayer”

Aaaaaaaand my faith in God and humanity fades a little bit more…

Here is video of a little girl telling a water heater “I love you Robot” in case you’re trying to talk yourself off a rooftop after that.

Little Girl Loves Robot

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SEP065 – April Fools with Zach Dresch

Greetings April Fools!  This week the regular cast of the podcast (Robert Mehling, Corbin Brooks, and Travis Nye) sit down to talk with comedian Zach Dresch.  We try to decide who is the more narcissistic generation, the Baby Boomers or Millennials?  We also talk about flat earther Brannon Howse’s ignorance tour coming to Sioux Falls, Facebook trolling bigots, and adoption discrimination.  This week’s music spotlight is Zach Dresch himself or rather his band “The Disarmed” and the single “Turn Out The Lights” from their upcoming album “Another Fleeting Reason.”  This episode is sponsored by SiouxperCon 2017: The Sioux Empire Strikes Back.  SiouxperCon is a fan convention celebrating several mediums: including comic books, anime, board games, video games, science fiction, and fantasy. A non-profit event, SiouxperCon is dedicated to promoting literacy and valuable life skills in an inclusive and friendly environment. Net proceeds from the convention will benefit REACH Literacy and the JY6 Foundation.  The Sioux Empire Podcast will never submit to Shakira Law!  Our hips can’t take that.

SiouxperCon 2017:  The Sioux Empire Strikes Back


The Disarmed


Boycott South Dakota



Baby Boomer Psychos


Hate Rally Coming to Sioux Falls?



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SEP065 - April Fools with Zach Dresch

SEP065 – April Fools with Zach Dresch

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I Don’t Think People Do That – Cartoons by Spencer Dobson Episode #24

Spencer Dobson is an awesome comedian from Aberdeen and has been on the podcast before.  He does a YouTube series called “Cartoons” where he animates some of his stand-up routines.  They are pretty awesome.  Here is his latest episode.  Be sure to like and subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

Also, check out his great stuff at http://www.spencerdobsoncomedy.com/




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