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SEP069 – Live-ish from SiouxperCon 2017

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This week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Emily Gheorghiu, and Natasha Estes) are live-ish from SiouxperCon 2017 The Sioux Empire Strikes Back.  We started off trying to talk about podcasting and the process involved and ended up talking with the audience about Cosplay crotch bulges.  You know, like we do.  Robert also explains the things that come out of our things, and then people put our things in their ears.  Seth tells the audience that podcasting is all about sharing your experience with the world.  He then tells the audience he has nothing to share.  The crew also takes some time to cut on the one poor guy there from Aberdeen.  A great big Sioux Empire Podcast Thank you to everyone who came to our live show and the fantastic SiouxperCon staff!


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SEP069 - Live-ish from SiouxperCon 2017

SEP069 – Live-ish from SiouxperCon 2017


SEP069 - Live-ish from SiouxperCon 2017

SEP069 – Live-ish from SiouxperCon 2017

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SEP035- LIVE! Pre-recorded from SiouxperCon 2016

This is not a full episode.  I have so much editing to do from SiouxperCon it is ridiculous.  So enjoy this randomness from our hotel room at SiouxperCon.  It should hold you over until I get all of our videos and photos posted.  Featured in this minisode: Robert Mehling, Amanda Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, and Matthew Livingston.’s coverage of SiouxperCon is brought to you by Code Bootcamp of South Dakota, attorney Jack J. Nichols of Nicholas & Rabuck P.C., and of course SiouxperCon.

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SEP016- Name that Peak

This week the lazy and entitled millennials known as the Sioux Empire Podcast team (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Amanda Mehling) bring you the highlights and some of the low lights from this week in the Sioux Empire.  This Week we have a special segment called The Politics Hole With Special Guest Ted Kuehn.  In case you were wondering… Oh that’s right I’m a millenial… I’m too lazy to finish this weeks show summary…

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SEP014 – Why die on Mars?

Why die on mars? That was the question no one was asking but now they are, and also laughing. This week the Sioux Empire Podcast takes a closer look at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development’s new ad campaign “Why die on mars when you can live in South Dakota.” We have exclusive unused audio from the campaign as well as reaction from the Martian ambassador himself. We think it’s a he. To be honest we’re not entirely sure. Anyway, we also bring you an important PSA for severe weather season, a dramatic reading for our Facebook comments, and we play the most South Dakota game of all. The Sioux Empire Podcast in no way endorses gambling but, oh holy shit we won money!!!

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SEP013 – Ok, Obama probably doesn’t hate South Dakota.

We’re baaaaack…  In the Season 2 premier, team Unicorn… I mean team Sioux Empire Podcast (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Amanda Mehling) discuss current events in South Dakota and the Nation… And then lose interest halfway through because apparently three grown adults cannot record a podcast while there is a giant stuffed unicorn in the studio…  And yes we talk about the vote Yes/No school start date controversy so sharpen your pitchforks.  This week’s local music highlight is Denham McDermott with his song Rainy Days ft Kid God.  His #Structureless mixtape is out now.  Learn more at Soundcloud @ Denham_music, Twitter @Denham_music, and Instagram @Denham_music.  This week’s attempt at a game is “Game of Game of Thrones.”  I wish I could say the Unicorn put up a good fight and we left it alone, but the Sioux Empire Podcast is no fairy tale place.

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SEP011- Sioux Falls dark ages and Sioux Empire Podcast Fantasy Fight Club

Dark times indeed have fallen upon the city of Sioux Falls, as racists, science deniers, and roving bands of teenage thugs roam the land.  Ignorance runs rampant as the state signs a cut to the minimum wage for workers under 18 because… the legislature has never read a Dickens novel apparently?  But not all is stupidity and fear.  The forces of light (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Amanda Mehling) push back against the darkness in an effort to bring reason back to the Sioux Empire.  One brave Lincoln High student fights the supernatural forces of darkness with film.  And the city of Pierre passes go and collects $200 dollars.  This week’s game is the ultra-violent The Sioux Empire Podcast Fantasy Fight Club featuring local celebrity judges (and not just some students from Southeast Tech that Robert recruited with pizza).  If you come looking for the Sioux Empire Podcast we must warn you, all of our interns have received mandatory advanced Gun kata training (if you’re not an action movie nerd google it).

Thanks For the Free parking

Target Racism

Sioux Falls Hates Science

Angry Roving teen mobs


Neighbor in teen mob attack: ‘You don’t even see this stuff on TV’

The paranormal files

Music – Jami Lynn, “Coyote, Why ya been lookin’ so thin”

South Dakota folk and Americana musician Jami Lynn will celebrate the release of her new album “Fall is a Good Time to Die” with an April 11th performance at the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theatre. Sioux Falls folk and Americana quartet, East of Westreville will open the evening at 7:30pm.

South Dakota folk and Americana musician Jami Lynn will celebrate the release of her fourth full length album on Saturday, April 11th at the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theatre at 7:30pm. Jami will perform alongside Sioux Falls musicians Andrew Reinartz (bass) and Dalton Coffey (dobro). Sioux Falls quartet East of Westreville, made up of Kaija Bonde, Boyd Bristow, Brian Bonde, and Al Slaathaug, will open the evening with their “old-timey” acoustic folk and home-spun humor. The show is partially sponsored by the South Dakota Arts Council with funding through the Department of Tourism and The South Dakota Friends of Traditional Music. Jami Lynn has performed with Jolie Holland, The White Buffalo, Chatham County Line, and Spider John Koerner. Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 the day of the concert. Tickets are available at the PREMIER Center Keloland Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, online through, and charge-by-phone at 1-800-745-3000.

For further information visit


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SEP010 – Food Truck Death Machines, plus our Need for Speed, and High amounts of alcohol. Plus Special Report: Hypnosis, fact or fiction.

In a dire warning from the future of things to come, The Sioux Empire Podcast team (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Amanda Mehling) fight the high speed limit, high cholesterol future along with special guest Alex Anderson-Kahl from Dakota Hypnosis.  Plus we do a special report examining hypnosis and how it can help people. Plus, we finally get to hear Amanda’s version of unfair trivia (and riddles aparently).  To learn more about Alex and Hypnosis for things like Weight Loss, Quitting Smoking, Pain Management, and Stress Relief at

Food truck death machines.

The need for speed.

Liberal amounts of alcohol.

Grand Theft Auto: Rapid City.

Common Core

Common Core-based testing begins in S.D.

Eight points on South Dakota’s new tests


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SEP008 – The Orwellian Hellscape formerly known as Iowa, South Dakota? More like Suck Dakota, Nazi book club, and children are our impoverished future.

Live in studio music?  What could beat that?  Nothing that’s what.  This week your hosts (Robert Mehling, Amanda Mehling, and Seth Glover) have company on the big green couch.  Christopher Lee Hamilton is a special guest and he not only provides acoustic cover songs for our intermission (“Take on Me” and “Livin’ on a Prayer”) but joins us in breaking down this week’s stories.  Rob gives the reporter who trash talked our national parks a piece of our mind.  The whole gang agrees that Hitler and Iowa’s Supreme Court suck.  The group talks about the local job market, the good and the bad, and the whole gang plays our newest game “Total Recall.”  The Sioux Empire Podcast would like to remind all Iowa drivers that big brother is always watching…


Guest- Christopher Lee Hamilton  More Music at:


Suck Dakota


Iowa:  Orwellian hell scape


No one who speaks german could be evil


SD schools having trouble finding people who will work for nothing


Two Steps Forward Two Steps back


Be nice


Magic Number


Alaska Lights Up


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