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Sioux Empire Podcast 092 Happy New Year 2018 With Skyler Bolks

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

We’re back baby!  The Sioux Empire Podcast welcomes Sioux Falls Comedian Skyler Bolks to our 2018 season premiere.  We try to catch you up on the stories we missed during the break in December, but mostly get hung up on the seamen center story.  Aside from Rob describing stud testing bulls in way, way too much detail the crew also checks up on the Copper lounge drama in Sioux Falls, the monster house case (We’ve all seen the claymation documentary about), and state rep Steven Haugaard (R- Sioux Falls) and his condom fetish.  This episode is brought to you by Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival celebrating comedy and…Snow! That’s right there is no other comedy festival like it. Thirty comedians from around the country will be traveling to Sioux Falls, SD to perform in various venues across the city. Over the course of three days they will perform in both stand up and themed showcases, not only testing their comedy wits but their endurance to the cold. All the while supporting a good cause. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics of South Dakota.  Look out 2018; The Sioux Empire Podcast is back!



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Skyler Bolks




Sno Jam Comedy Fest



News Links







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Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 014 – No Thanks No Giving

Episode 14 of The Urban Indianz Podcast: “No Thanks, No Giving,” today we talked about the recent oil spill of the Keystone Pipeline as well Native American’s history with Thanksgiving and what it means to us today. We were joined by special guests Taralyn Blue and Art To Art featured comedian Zach Dresch. We closed the show with this week’s Native Hip Hop Spotlight (Kilo Trackz)’s “All I Can Do.”

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 014 - No Thanks No Giving

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 014 – No Thanks No Giving

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guest: Taralyn Blue

Art2Art: Comedian Zach Dresch

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight:  Kilo Trackz With All I Can Do




Oil Spill



Butterball Hotline




Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Robert Mehling, Taralyn Blue, Char Green, Kat Stands, Billie Sutton, Standing Rock, Squanto, Pilgrims, Disease, Smallpox, Spanish Flu, Center for Disease Control, Black Death, Thanksgiving, Political Correctness, South Park, Turkey, Free Turkeys, Zach Dresch, Boss’s Pizza, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Cinnabon Cereal, Hawaiian Ham, Honeybaked Ham, Butterball Hotline, Vikings, Die Hard, Hidden Figures, Mayonnaise, Date Movie, Van Wilder, Salted Caramel Whisky, Tommy Boy, Stand Up Comedy, Cathouse Studios, Open Mic, Wacko’s Comedy Club, Dan Bublitz Jr., Nathan Holtz, Luke Johnson, The Disarmed, Total Drag, Aliens Do Exist, Blink 182, Bigs Bar, Sioux Falls Comedy, Sioux Empire Tonight, Vinyl

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Podcast Discovered: The Art of Bombing with Dan Bublitz Jr

The Sioux Empire Podcast is fantastic, and you could be forgiven for thinking it’s the only podcast out there but did you know that’s not true?  Turns out there are lots of other podcasts out there that we love.  In this regular column editor and guy with way too much on his plate already Robert Mehling tells you all about other podcasts that are out there.  Some serve as inspiration for what we cover on the Sioux Empire Podcast while others seem like their only purpose was to serve as a warning to others.

In The Art of Bombing podcast, aspiring comedian Dan Bublitz Jr sits down with comedians of all levels from across the country to discuss what can be learned from bad shows and bombing on stage.

About its creator Dan Bublitz Jr.

Dan is an American comedian/writer/actor. He taped his first television appearance for the show “Laughs” on Fox. He’s appeared on Comedy Time TV and in several short films.

In 2011 Dan was invited to perform at the Laugh Track Comedy Festival in Denver, CO and in 2013 he was invited to perform at the Ventura Comedy Festival in Ventura, CA and he has hosted the San Diego Comedy Festival since 2014. Dan is the co-creator of the Sioux Falls Sno Jam & the Paul Bunyan Comedy festivals. In 2011, Dan won the “On The Rocks Comedy Contest” and he was a finalist in the 2012 “Rockstar Comedy Throwdown”.

He is the creator & host of the “Art Of Bombing” podcast. Dan is a high energy comedian that mixes his life experiences with humorous observations for a show that will be without a doubt entertaining. He has performed in clubs & venues across the country.

Click here to learn more.

Click here to subscribe.

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Queers After Beers Episode 006 – An Amazon Key and Jeni Mc

Queers After Beers 006 – An Amazon Key and Jeni Mc

“Cracking a Cold one With the queers!”

Hosts: Emily Gheorghiu and Jeni Mc

Produced by Robert Mehling

Tags and Topics
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Sioux Empire Podcast 087 – All About Dan Bublitz Jr.

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.
This week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, Seth Glover) talks with Sioux Falls Comedian Dan Bublitz Jr. about his career and the comedy scene in Sioux Falls.  We hear about growing up in Huron South Dakota, deciding to start comedy, Poetry, and much more.  This week’s episode is brought to you by The Sioux Empire Podcast Network, specifically “The Art of Bombing” podcast with Dan Bublitz Jr.  Also, Chaos Reigns podcast with Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke.  The Sioux Empire Podcast studio is apparently haunted by Beatniks… BEATNIKS!

Dan Bublitz Jr.





The Cloud Lounge Mixed Tape Open Mic:


Sioux Empire Comedy


Billie Sutton


Argus Leader


South Dacola


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Sioux Empire Podcast 086- The Art of Dan Bublitz Jr.

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

This week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, Seth Glover) gets down and dirty with Sioux Falls Comedian Dan Bublitz Jr.  We cover how an unfortunate Homecoming tradition in Sturgis turned into a national embarrassment and a teachable moment.  Plus some bonus discussion of Homecoming traditions in small towns.  We also (master) debate if the infamous “Don’t Jerk and Drive” campaign created the current wave of public self-love terrorizing Sioux Falls parking lots. This week also marks the launch of a new bi-weekly segment on the podcast.  In Sioux Empire Book Club, Seth Glover will explore a new book every two weeks.  This week he’s telling us all about “Kama Sutra” by Anne Hooper.  This week’s episode is brought to you by The Sioux Empire Podcast Network, specifically “The Art of Bombing” podcast with Dan Bublitz Jr.  Also, Chaos Reigns podcast with Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is now convinced that that was definitely a swastika on that car.


Dan Bublitz Jr.





That’s Debateable:


The Cloud Lounge Mixed Tape Open Mic:


Sioux Empire Comedy


Ugly Sturgis





Sports and Racism in South Dakota


Wacking epidemic



Sioux Empire Book Club

Alien and Company Tattoo artist Dustin Buri


Lore Podcast and Amazon Prime TV show:



Tags and Topics:

Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, Dan Bublitz Jr., Sturgis, High School, Homecoming, Racism, The Art of Bombing, Stand Up Comedy, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Huron, Giliberto’s, Huron Tigers, Wessington, Paintball, eggs, vandalism, teenagers, Flat Earthers, swastika, John Thune, Get Small, Red Necks, Public Indecency, Window Tint, Don’t Jerk and Drive, Homelessness, Public Transportation, Storage Wars, Ted Cruz, Chin Warbles Wafting, Kama Sutra, Anne Hooper, BoJack Horseman, Hugh Hefner, Comics, The Killing Joke, Cookbooks, Vātsyāyana, Skin Day, That’s Debateable, Zach Dresch, Skyler Bolks, The Art of Bombing, Open Mic, Podcast, Baseball, Yankees, Dustin Buri

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It Was Supposed To Be A Love Story To Debut In Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, SD – Presented by the Collective Efforts Union, “It Was Supposed To Be A Love
Story” debuts in Sioux Falls, SD August 24th, 2017 at 8 pm live at Icon Events + Lounge. “It Was
Supposed To Be A Love Story” is a one man show by stand-up comedian and Sioux Falls
resident, Dan Bublitz Jr (Fox, Comedy Time TV, Sioux Empire Tonight) that tells a beautiful
story about relationships, love, loss, and moving on. Told through the power of poetry,
monologues, & stand-up comedy. It’s an emotional journey of self-reflection & rediscovery. A
comical love story, yet a painful tragedy that will captivate you while pulling at every heartstring.
Tickets are only $5 and can be purchased at the door or in advance at


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SEP075 – All About Wacko’s Comedy Club owner Kellen Marson

Wacko’s Comedy Club owner Kellen Marson is back on the podcast to tell Robert Mehling and Seth Glover how fun/scary that job is.  We talk about the challenges of the comedy industry and creative ways Kellen has worked to meet the challenges.  We also hear a little bit about how hypnosis changed his life and his military service.  This week’s episode is brought to you by The Sioux Empire Podcast Network, specifically “The Art of Bombing” podcast with Dan Bublitz Jr.  Also, Chaos Reigns podcast with Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke.  Now if you’ll excuse us The Sioux Empire Podcast needs to go win back its money playing Pai Gow on Freemont Street (This could take awhile).

Parental Advisory
Tags and Topics:

Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Kellen Marson, Wacko’s Comedy Club, Sioux Falls, Stand Up Comedy Etiquette, Heckling, Hypnosis, PTSD, Dan Bublitz Jr., Zstonish, Hire Local, State Fair, Billie Sutton, Head Games, Las Vegas, Pai Gow, Fremont Street, Bachelorette Parties, Introverts, Sioux Falls Skyline, Midway Drive-In, Sioux Empire Tonight


Kellen Marson Links:





Midway Drive-In Theater Miller, SD


SEP074 - Road Rage Prison Tablets with Kellen Marson

SEP075 – All About Wacko’s Comedy Club owner Kellen Marson

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Sioux Empire Podcast Bonus Episode: Day-Cons and Cosplay with Cassandra Nixon

Enjoy this bonus interview with Cassandra Nixon, the Sioux Empire’s Queen of cosplay planning.  She stops by the studio to give Robert Mehling an update on all of the Day-cons coming up in the second half of 2017.  They also discuss broader topics of geek culture and it’s rise to prominence in popular culture.


Day-cons, Society of Anime Loving Minds, Dargan-Con, Dragon’s Den, Panels, Demos, Universal Laser, Watertown, Flashback Comics, Dan Bublitz Jr, Chris Beaver, Cosmic Rage, VDR Cosplay, Dreaming Sheep Cosplay, Art, Performance, Harley Quinn, Westerns, Jocks vs Nerds, Futurama


Kogata Daycon 5 – October 15th



SubeteCon – September 16th




Geeky Gryphons



VDR Cosplay



Dreaming Sheep Cosplay



Cassandra Nixon aka “Cassandra Rain”



Dragon’s Den Comics & Games


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10 Spot Spotlight: Jeni Mc

It’s that time again, the time for another sporadic 10-Spot Spotlight. If you keep up with this column you might remember back to late March/early April, we released a 10-Spot “comics you should know” special edition featuring comics from across the country. I really hope that you took the time to check them out as they are all very talented. I apologize for my lack of consistent releases with this column. I have been very busy over the last few months with several of my own projects that haven’t left me much time to write.


Alas, here we are nearing the end of June. The first day of summer was only a few days ago and it’s been almost two months since the last 10-Spot came out, but we are back featuring another fantastic local artist and our first Femme Fatale comedic presence, Jeni Mc (pronounced Mac). Truth be told I sat down with Jeni back in mid-April at Coffea in downtown Sioux Falls with the hopes of publishing this in early May in time to help promote SiouxperCon as we were both performing in their “SiouxperCon After Dark” program.

10 Spot Spotlight: Jeni Mc

10 Spot Spotlight: Jeni Mc

Jeni is a Sioux Falls native. All through school she participated in theater & arts but after graduating took a hiatus because she was working full time. While Jeni has dabbled in standup her background is mostly theater & improv. She got her start about ten years ago. On a whim, Jeni auditioned and got casted for “Tony & Tina’s Wedding” an interactive dinner theater where the audience acts as the guests of the wedding. Here she learned the difference between scripted theater & interactive theater. She did several projects with that theater company. Through that, she met her show husband Dave Holly. Dave started the “Vaudies” & needed a sidekick which ended up being Jeni. The “Vaudies” is a live variety show and much like “Sunny & Cher” Dave & Jeni co-hosted together tandem style.


Jeni’s background in standup comedy came from her affection for her friend Mike Klatt, another local stand-up comic. He was performing at an open mic at Fat Daddy’s, (a comedy club that has since closed) and she noticed that there wasn’t any female comedians there. She made a comment about how stand up couldn’t be that hard all you have to do is stand up and work the pole. Another comic then told her if she thought it was so easy to go up, so she did. It happened to be a night the club was having a contest and she ended up winning. These days she prefers watching stand up more than performing stand up. Jeni still actively does improv with “Basement Dwellers” performing at mostly private gigs. Now that we know that we got this introduction out of the way let’s get to the important stuff.

10 Spot Spotlight: Jeni Mc

10 Spot Spotlight: Jeni Mc

DB: What’s your favorite local hangout spot?

JM: My favorite local hangout spot. Taco Johns? Is that not a good answer? I go there like five times a week. It hasn’t happened today, but maybe on my way home. I don’t hang out there, but they know me by name. In general, I usually hang out in downtown Sioux Falls.


DB: What do you like most about South Dakota? What do you like the least?

JM: Most about South Dakota? Well if they’re not transplants everyone is like family. When you make good friends they just as well be your cousins. Everyone is very family oriented in their closeness. My least favorite thing is our polar arctic long winters. It’s bad for my health, bad for my humor, bad for my hair, and just an all around issue. So I’m not a big fan of the cold.


DB: What was your best show? Worst Show?

JM: The best show I’ve ever did I would say was Finnegan’s Farewell show at Granite Falls Casino because I really loved my character and my cast mates. I loved the crowd. It was a very different casino crowd than you usually have. Usually, at casino’s people come and go but this audience stayed for the whole show.

The worst show wasn’t one I was actually cast in but was supporting my friends and helping with some of the backgrounds. Our green room got robbed while they were doing the show. That was probably the worst most awful thing because we walked away with such a high from a great performance. It all goes back to the best things about South Dakota about all being family so you don’t think of bad things like that happening. It was the first time I ever felt unsafe about theater.


DB: What are you working on right now?

JM: I hope to host a matchmaking festival this fall featuring local comics & cupids.


DB: What would the name of your debut album be?

JM: Dialog Heavy. I talk a lot (she laughs).


DB: How old were you when you realized Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny probably never actually knew one another in real life?

JM: I grew up a Jehovah Witness so…Jesus was my Santa Claus.


DB: On average how many times a week do you hurt yourself trying to dance in the shower?

JM: Like more than four.


DB: What do you think about when you are alone in your car?

JM: How pretty I am (she laughs). Like if I have enough time to take a selfie before I need to get to where ever I’m going.


DB: When you’re at a buffet, how many plates of food do you start off with?

JM: Always two, always two, because I might get tired and not want to get back up.


DB: You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be & why?

JM: A new edition to the crayon box? If I was a color I think I would be Stardust and there would be glitter in it because we’re all made of Stardust.


If you’re lucky, maybe you can catch this Irish “Betty” out and about in downtown Sioux Falls sharing cheers of joy or maybe you can just find her on social media!


For my complete schedule & social media links visit my website www.danbublitz.com

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