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SEP042- Bruce Danielson fights City Hall and the return of Christopher Lee Hamilton

This show was HUGE (In my best Trump, which is to say nothing like him).  The Sioux Empire Podcast crew of Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, and Emily Alexander are joined by three other people.  Needless to say our normal studio would not do so we moved to a larger venue.  We were joined by Bruce Danielson who came on board to talk not just politics in general but he’s also here to mention his petition drive to stop sales tax revenue bonds from being sold to fund the city administration building that Sioux Falls mayor Mike Huether used the first veto of his career as mayor to secure.  We’re also very happy to have back on the show returning musical guest and friend of the show Christopher Lee Hamilton and he brought awesome singer Ellen Ackerman DeNeui with him.  They played four great songs in studio for us.  We talk a lot of politics (local and national), history, millennials, Social Media, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Pokémon, Low voter turn out, the power of showing up, South Dacola, Music, Vaping, The Chrisellen Experience, fake Asian internet babies, and Stranger Things.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is happy to accept your nomination for dogcatcher.

Bruce Danielson’s Contact Info:


PO Box 1954

Sioux Falls, SD 57101

Office / FAX: (605) 334-9511

Cell: (605) 376-8087


Email: bruce@citizens4integrity.org

Check out Bruce Danielson’s videos at


Learn more about Christopher Lee Hamilton and Ellen Ackerman DeNeui


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SEP041- Give Us Your Urine!

The news sucks so much right now.  So The Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, Emily Alexander, and guest columnist Peter Pischke) is here to give you as light hearted an overview as we can.  Let’s just say we give up halfway through and talk nothing but TV (Spoilers for Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Marco Polo, BoJack Horseman, The Walking Dead, Vikings, and others in the second half of the episode).  Will Pokemon take over the earth?  Not if Seth has anything to say about.  In our headline story, according to the Argus Leader, the state of South Dakota is getting medieval on people to extract urine samples and confessions in drug cases, Emily talks about her coverage and columns about Black Lives Matter and the backlash, Bernie Sanders declares Joffrey Clinton the one true nominee and the team tackles lots of other random stories along the way.  Also, we talk about the exciting new wave of writers TheSiouxEmpire.com has recruited.  Be sure to check out their new columns. This week’s episode includes music from local artist InVisible with the song “Youthful Freestyle”. Learn more about InVisible here.  The Sioux Empire Podcast, on behalf of a friend, would sincerely like to know when the east side of Sioux Falls is supposed to sleep…  Seriously…  Go to sleep people!

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SEP040- Rainbow Cyber Warriors

News sucks this week, so please excuse us if we wander off on crazy tangents including Rainbow Cyber Warriors waging cyber war on ISIS.  Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, Seth Glover, and Emily Alexander cover the tragedy in Orlando and the fallout.  On the bright side, Emily brings us a report from the Sioux Falls Pride Festival that went well.  The rainbow falls were awesome.  We talk about the largest naturalization ceremony ever held at Mt Rushmore, Pressler endorsing Hillary Clinton, and what’s up with Game of Thrones.  We hope you’re having a good summer and finding a way to keep cool.  “And as always, Kill Hitler!”  (Danger 5 on Netflix)

Reason Magazine Video

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A Hot Time at the Cool Siouxland Renaissance Festival

The 15th annual – Siouxland Renaissance Festival took place this weekend, June 11th – 12th, at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds. I have never been to a renaissance festival before and the Siouxland Renaissance Festival was pretty much what I had imagined it would be.  Turkey legs, fashion and souvenirs, 16th century reenactment entertainment, medieval booze, and boobs. It was not very busy and it was barely 3pm. I am almost certain that it was because of the heat. BOY, IT WAS HOT! I think I went in the festival Emily and came out roasted like a turkey leg. So, here’s what was going on at the 15th annual – Siouxland Renaissance Festival & Scottish Heavy Games. Huzzah!

Siouxland Renaissance Festival- TheSiouxEmpire.com - Emily Alexander

Siouxland Renaissance Festival- TheSiouxEmpire.com – Emily Alexander

The Festivities

The festival was set to have taken place in Shrewsbury, England 1575, the 17th year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The heat played a big part in why there wasn’t much going on, but what I did see was pretty cool. I met Robert and his other half, Amanda around the gate, and we started the festivities with mead tasting. The tasting options consisted of homemade meads, local wines, and a few different crafted beers. I tried three different meads, Egyptian, forest berry, and cotton, all three were very tasty. I also had a very delicious cranberry wine, it was quite lovely. After the tasting was over we traversed to the A/C and checked what was inside the expo.

There were a lot of authentic booths full of souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, and even weapons. There was also a show going on and I caught it in the middle act. A man was on stilts, juggling, and trying to tell a story which was impressive… but hard to follow. Dancers, singers, musicians, and even fire breathers could be found throughout the fairground. There was even an authentic looking knight in full armor! To get an idea of majority of the festival you can go to the event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/595582660606931/.


Vendors are a huge part of any festival and or outdoor event. I thought the vendors were pretty good at the festival, especially the hand crafted vendors. In the expo building there were some really cool vendors selling wooden crafted mugs, drinking glasses, beads, seemingly authentic medieval weapons and armor, and on top of it all clothing and accessories.

Siouxland Renaissance Festival - TheSiouxEmpire.com - Emily Alexander

Siouxland Renaissance Festival – TheSiouxEmpire.com – Emily Alexander

One vendor stood out from them all, Robe N’ Hood by Carrie Mack. I got to talking with her and she has had a rich history in sewing starting back a friend in high school. The effort and time she puts into her work is truly spectacular. Some of the clothing she makes is also reversible so it’s practically two in one! Her clothing is truly one of a kind and reasonably priced for the quality. She touched on how she thinks that it’s important to have handcrafted items at a renaissance festival, and I agree. It’s easy to buy bulk items on the internet but people like Carrie must work hard to craft each item.  

It takes time, patience, creativity, and diligence to craft such beautiful items, and Carrie is very good at it. I asked her what one of the most difficult parts about sewing for the renaissance festival was and she said “Sizing and fabric, nobody can get the same thing in a different size and there are not many duplicates in the same color or pattern.” The costumes at the festival were amazing and Carrie’s made one of my favorites. She hopes to be out there next year, and I do too!  There were food and beverage vendors, I was relieved to see they had turkey legs and more mead. The turkey leg was amazing and full of a traditional flavor. Perhaps the one thing I wish I could have seen was the Tomato Torment. Overall the festival was family orientated and well thought up.

Siouxland Renaissance Festival - TheSiouxEmpire.com - Emily Alexander

Siouxland Renaissance Festival – TheSiouxEmpire.com – Emily Alexander

Final Thoughts

Overall I thought the Siouxland Renaissance Festival was cool and something I would most certainly attend to next year. If you missed this year’s Siouxland Renaissance Festival there will be one next year on June 10th-11th. You can find out more information about the festival and upcoming events at https://www.facebook.com/siouxlandrenfest/. If you went to the 15th annual – Siouxland Renaissance Festival & Scottish Heavy Games, tell us your experience in the comment section below.  

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SEP039- Siouxland Renaissance Festival: A song of Fire and Turkey Leg

Somehow the Sioux Empire Podcast team has been transported to Shrewsbury, England 1575…the 17th year of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s reign.  Also apparently Elizabethan England had a heat index of 107.  Must be all the dragon fire coming from the Siouxland Renaissance Festival.  Robert Mehling and Emily Alexander share some of their experiences at the festival while Seth Glover and Natasha Estes round up all of this week’s news stories local and national like a cowboy lassoing a bike thief in a Walmart parking lot, the death of Muhammad Ali, the Stanford Rape case, the 75th anniversary of the battleship USS South Dakota, and more.  We also feature a special guest interview with local award winning author Sarah J Pepper who talks about her career in writing and her newest book Neverland Evermore out June 12th.  It was sure hot out at the Siouxland Renaissance Festival, luckily the mead helped.  Although drinking it at 2:30PM and then continuing to drink until we recored at 8:30PM was probably not the best plan we’ve ever had…


Sarah J Pepper http://www.sarahjpepper.com/

Amazon ✦ http://bit.ly/NeverlandEvermore

B&N ✦ http://bit.ly/NeverlandEvermoreBN

iBooks ✦http://bit.ly/NeverlandEvermoreibooks

Kobo ✦ http://bit.ly/NeverlandEvermoreKobo

Goodreads ✦ http://bit.ly/NeverlandEvermoreGoodreads

Siouxland Renaissance Festival:


Fantastic Documentary about the USS South Dakota


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SEP037- Bernie Sanders and Chaos Reigns

Chaos Reigns on the Sioux Empire Podcast as Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke from the Chaos Reigns podcast join the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, and Emily Alexander) for a show that will truly terrify you.  Chaos truly does reign as Trump becomes the presumptive GOP nominee, dogs lie with cats, the president of the United States has to take executive action so people can pee, Bernie Sanders turns Sioux Falls into Sioux City, Lobsters get stolen from Hy-Vee, and houses are collapsing in Vermillion because of evil slumlords.  Emily and Robert got the chance to cover Bernie Sanders’s Sioux Falls visit up close and we’ll talk all about it.  This week’s episode features music by local band No Sir, Not Me!  Remember kids, when a Secret Service agent asks you to step this way, you best step…

This week’s episode is sponsored by Code Bootcamp of South Dakota, and attorney Jack J. Nichols of Nichols & Rabuck P.C.

Chaos Reigns http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/chaos-reigns


No Sir, Not Me!  http://www.thesiouxempire.com/no-sir-not-me/

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Bernie Sanders is the man! But is he our next president?

When the announcement officially came out that Bernie Sanders was coming to Sioux Falls, I was all game. My youth and ignorance has prevented me from being interested in presidential debates but now that I can vote there is a whole new spin on the presidential election. I have been following the race since last year and I’ve been for candidates and against them. Frankly, I cannot make up my damn mind on who to vote for. However seeing Bernie on Thursday May 12th of 2016 was both exciting and refreshing. I have got to admit I like the senator but do I really think he is worthy of being president of the United States of America? From the information I got from his Sioux city, oh I mean Sioux Falls rally, here are the pros and cons of Bernie.

Bernie Sanders immense relationship with young people

Sure Bernie Sanders is old but his connection with young people is as refreshing as he is. With his spirit so young he can really connect with young people. Or can he just take a vantage of Ignorance? After talking with both younger and older people there was a noticeable difference between the same questions being asked. Younger people did not really understand government, where as the older generation was more intuitive. During the rally Sanders told us his plan. His plan to restore America. Free… Free… Free… a free education, a free health care system, and a free life. It’s a bit ironic, the rally could as well be a sales pitch on freedom but every freedom has a price unfortunately. During the Rally I began to wonder, does anyone really understand the consequences from Bernie’s plan? As with every politician he was simply telling the people what they want to hear but not the consequences that come along with the plan. At one point during Sanders speech he mentioned how he disapproved of the war and was against it since the beginning but does his young posse even know why there was a war in the beginning? Most of the millennials were too young to understand why the US was in war. I’m sure a lot of people still question what it was all about. In my opinion it was unfair to mention it when most young people might not even be educated on the war. However, as someone who tried to remain as neutral as possible during the rally, I could defiantly feel the Bern. Sanders is and incredibly passionate man. He does want to see young people thrive and be successful but can we ensure his plan will take us there?

Bernie Sanders acceptance of culture

Bernie Sanders loved the people in his crowd, and they loved him. It was truly inspiring to see people of all nationalities come together as one to support a possible future leader. Bernie Sanders has respect for humans of all colors, sex, and sexual orientation. He is truly one of the most inspiring humanists I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Sanders genuinely cares about people and their well being. This part of him would make him and excellent president but what about it could be a disadvantage? War. Can Bernie Sanders lead an army of men to invade a country opposing danger to the United States? I personally have a hard time seeing him being commander-and-chief of our Army. War is a blood thirsty game and could Sanders handle blood on his hands if it ever came down to it. Sanders greatest strength is his passion for humans but could it also be his greatest weakness? Often our greatest strengths are our greatest weakness. We have to wonder what precautions would Sanders be willing to take if he faces threats to America. Would Sanders be willing to turn down a group of refugees if national security was at a high threat? Or would his passionate compassion for human life create even more bloodshed?

Bernie Sanders in Sioux Falls SD. Photo by Emily Alexander, TheSiouxEmpire.com

Bernie Sanders in Sioux Falls SD. Photo by Emily Alexander, TheSiouxEmpire.com

Bernie Sanders future to believe in

It is apparent that Bernie Sanders wants his people to be happy and healthy. He wants young people to be more successful then ever and live long. Sanders wants to make College tuition free and from the sounds of this it sounds amazing but something about his plan doesn’t add up. Besides it being free how is this and his minimum wage increase going to really inspire people to want to go to college? If someone can flip burgers for 15 an hour live in a 450$ apartment, drive a 1500$ car, and live comfortably why would they go to college? Maybe in a few years they can make 18$ an hour and never step foot in a University. Sanders mentioned reasons as to why someone wouldn’t go to college and they were all Reasonable reasons as to why someone wouldn’t go to college. Without being harsh or not sympathetic enough, I thought his reasons as to why someone would not go to college sounded like a pitty party. “Why would someone like me want to go to college if none of my family went to college?” Or “I don’t know the right people to get into college” these were legit reasons (according to Sanders) as to why someone would feel discouraged from going to college. To me these are reasons why people CHOOSE not to go to college. And why would someone want to go to college when they might be able to find a job that pays five to ten dollars above minimum wage. Another thing I want to point out about the minimum wage increase is that with that increase, we will see increase in income tax, inflation, and economy across the country is so much different. A house here in Sioux Falls will be half the price of a house in California. So minimum-wage here might not mean shit elsewhere.

Are you ready for the Bern? I can’t quite say if I am but I do like the guy. Bernie Sanders was wonderful to see and listen too. Although I may not agree on everything I can admire him and what he stands for. As far as it being my first presidential rally I certainly hope to see more candidates come to Sioux city, I mean Sioux Falls and make their impression on our fine city. It was a fun, crazy, educational experience and I look forward to many more. Did you go to the Bernie Sanders rally? If so tell us what you thought in the comment section below and don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

This article was written purely based on my opinion.

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Artbeat: Can’t see the sailboat for the trees.

Robert Mehling and the Emily Alexander make a guest appearance on Dylan Jacobson and DJ Steckelberg’s new podcast “Artbeat”.  Artbeat is an ongoing conversation about the arts with the people who create it.

In this week’s episode, DJ and Dylan sit down with Robert Mehling and Emily Alexander from the Sioux Empire Podcast. Listen as they go off the rails and discuss literature, film, passion, and what art exactly is.

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Sioux Empire Podcast Episode 036- Welcome to the Futurescape!

3D printing is an amazing technology that has the potential to change the world, bringing forth amazing advancements in manufacturing, research and development, and medical technology.  So the Sioux Empire Podcast team (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, and Emily Alexander) ask an important question, what toys can we make with it?  Luckily Robby Hodgdon from Futurescape 3D LLC of Sioux Falls is here to help answer our questions.  Which mostly boiled down to telling us that, no, he can’t print Natasha free stuff.  We also talk about George Mason University’s unfortunate acronym problem, the worst small towns in South Dakota, the KELOLand’s hard hitting coverage of blue tarps, Sioux Falls sculpture walk, employee bonus meth, and the ridiculous circus that is national politics right now.  We also discuss the Stu Whitney of the Argus Leader’s recent interview on Su Fu Stu with the evil ‘mastermind’ behind South Dakota’s transgender bathroom bill, Fred Deutsch.  As well as talking about Mayor Mike Huether’s push to quickly pass a Sioux Falls water rate hike before the newly elected city council members (Like Theresa Stehly and Greg Neitzert) get sworn in and have a chance to stop it.  This week’s local music spotlight is Sioux Falls artist Bridget Kruse with her song Home.  Be sure to check out all of her music and social media at the link below.  Warning:  This episode contains graphic coffee spitting triggered by Fred Deutsch’s unintentional sexual innuendo.  Want to know who spit up coffee all over a 3D printed replica of the HALO Needler and Robert’s laptop?  I guess you’ll just have to listen to find out.  This week’s episode is brought to you by Code Bootcamp of South Dakota, attorney Jack J. Nichols of Nichols & Rabuck P.C.

Futurescape 3D


Music Spotlight Bridget Kruse


The full Fred Deutsch interview at the Argus Leader


Will the City Council vote to increase your water rates?



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Happy Trees

Emily brought the happy trees with this Bob Ross reference that had the whole crew moving.

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