Sioux Empire Podcast 096 The New Colossus with Polly Dean

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

This week The Sioux Empire Podcast Crew (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover) get serious to talk about human trafficking with Polly Dean from The New Colossus.  But First, they talk about Russian Gun Advocates, arbitrary, meaningless lists,  and all of those bald glowing children in Brandon.  This episode is brought to you by Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival celebrating comedy and…Snow! That’s right there is no other comedy festival like it. Thirty comedians from around the country will be traveling to Sioux Falls, SD to perform in various venues across the city. Over the course of three days they will perform in both stand up and themed showcases, not only testing their comedy wits but their endurance to the cold. All the while supporting a good cause. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics of South Dakota.  Don’t look into it but The Sioux Empire Podcast is the #1 podcast in the entire universe according to absolutelynotamadeuplistwebsiteseriously.fakeweb.  


The New Colossus



Sno Jam Comedy Fest




The Sioux Empire Podcast has no scruples and will totally launder your rubles.


A Failing Grade


More arbitrary lists



Radioactive!  Radioactive!

I guess all of those bald glowing children were drawing some attention.  



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Sioux Empire Podcast 091 – 2017 Post Mortem

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

In their last episode of 2017, the Sioux Empire Podcast crew looks back at the lessons we’ve learned about life, news, podcasting, and more from the previous year.  They also talk about the flagrant hypocrisy on both political sides when it comes to the recent scandals.  This week’s episode is brought to you by The Sioux Empire Podcast Network, featuring “The Art of Bombing” podcast with Dan Bublitz Jr.  “Chaos Reigns” podcast with Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke, “Queers after Beers” podcast with Emily Gheorghiu and Jeni Mc, and “The South DaCola” podcast with Scott L. Ehrisman.  Thank you so much for a fantastic 2017, and I can’t wait to see you all again in 2018!

To Stand or to Kneel Forum



KSFY Focus Group


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South DaCola Podcast 004 News Media with Patrick Lalley

South DaCola Podcast 004 News Media with Patrick Lalley.

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Guest Patrick Lalley

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Tags and Topics

Scott L. Ehrisman, South DaCola, Robert Mehling, Patrick Lalley, Sioux Falls, O’Gorman Catholic High School, University of South Dakota, History, Political Science, Journalism, Norma Wilson, The Volante, Al Neuharth, Mainstream, Tempest, Grand Forks, Des Moines, Pat Buchanan, O. J. Simpson, Chris Dodd, 1996 Presidential Election, Al Franken, Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, Argus Leader, Copy Desk, Dick Waterman, Daniel Pfeiffer, KSOO, Randell Beck, Gannett Media, Tegna, Great Recession, Lehman Brothers, Too Big To Fail, Classifieds, Washington Post, Apple, Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Design Studios, David Kranz, Bill Janklow, Pardons, Russell Means, Cory Allen Heidelberger, Bob Mercer, Dakota Free Press, Jason Aldean, Garth Brooks, KSFY, KDLT, KELOLAND, Avery White Rascal a Wheat Ale beer, Ad Blockers, Display Ads, Department Stores, Radio, Townsquare Media, Adam West, Local News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, The White Wall Sessions, Folk Fest, Brian Allen, Erik Thorstenson, Vernon Brown, 10 people who should leave town, Steve Hilderbrand, Greg Jamison, Kenny Anderson Jr, Jim Entenman, Nick Weiland, Michael Gunn, David Zokaites

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Sioux Empire Podcast 076- Parks and Recreation with Sioux Falls City Council Member Theresa Stehly

Sioux Falls City Council Member Theresa Stehly is in the studio to rock the boat on The Sioux Empire Podcast this week.  Theresa gives the podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes) the rundown on her many adventures in local government from her first year on the Sioux Falls City Council.  No amount of gaveling can stop Theresa from telling us all about her work to bring transparency to city government and fighting for the little guy.  This week’s episode is brought to you by The Sioux Empire Podcast Network, specifically “The Art of Bombing” podcast with Dan Bublitz Jr.  Also, Chaos Reigns podcast with Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke.  I’m a Millennial, so I had to look it up on Wikipedia, but Theresa says we used to live in something called a “Community.”  Apparently, it involved caring about your neighbors and constituents beyond your capacity to extract money from them.  Weird.

Tags and Topics:

Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, Theresa Stehly, Sioux Falls, City Council, Mike Huether, Rex Rolfing, Greg Neitzert, Pat Starr, Benson’s Flea Market, Argus Leader, Letters to the Editor, Snow Gates, Community, Kermit Staggers, Parks Department, Boards, Media, City Employees, Advocate, Conflict of Interest, Gavel, Executive Session, Bruce Danielson, Scott Ehrisman, School Board Election, Christine Erickson, Pioneer Park, Spray Pad, Drake Springs, Parks Board, Spellerberg Park, KSFY, David Zokaites, Mayoral Election, Greg Jamison, Kenny Anderson Jr., Jim Entenman, Nick Weiland, Michael Gunn, Bloggers, TV, Radio, KELOLAND, Conspiracy Theories, Sasquatch, Performance Audits, Rates, Fees, Fines, What Works Cities, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Ambulance Service, Flowers, Garden, Grilling, Summer, Softball, Dustin Buri, Tattoos,  Chester Bennington, Linkin Park


This episode is pretty mild compared to most but our regular hosts are uncensored, so just in case:
Parental Advisory

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Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 001 – Urban Indianz Podcast

Parental Advisory





With Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, and Char Green-Maximo

Guest Robert Mehling

Producer Robert Mehling

Art To Art: Michael Saint Sanford with Checkmate Society


Native Hip Hop Spotlight: Maniac: The Siouxpernatural – As Above So Below

The Urban Indianz Podcast an Educated and Entertaining Look through the eyes of the modern day Native American.

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 001 - Urban Indianz Podcast

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 001 – Urban Indianz Podcast

Tags and Topics

Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Char Green-Maximo, Urban Indianz Podcast, Robert Mehling, Conversation, Stereotypes, The Sioux Empire Podcast, FCC, Rosebud Indian Reservation, Seattle, Sioux Falls, Hip Hop, Night Shield Entertainment, Spider-Man, Single Father, Valentine Nebraska, Ghost Rider, Internet, Al Gore, Indian Country, MTV, Dr. Dre, The Chronic, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cable TV on the Res, Classic Hip Hop, The Noblemen, Sioux Falls, The Oaks, Pre-Performance Jitters, Gorilla Pimp, Alcoholism, Black Mask Armada, Flandreau, Eazy E, Gimme That Nutt,  The STAR Academy, Custer South Dakota, Chatterbox, Brookings, Chris Drake, Army of Darkness, Dubious, DJ Dagnabbit, Fat Jesus, Fatty’s Tattoos & Piercings, Art to Art, Indian Tacos, Fry Bread, Subway, Sandwich Artists, Beads, Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Sanford Research, Motherhood, Standing Rock, Dakota Access Pipeline, KSFY, Dakota Rural Action, MTV Teen Mom, Graduation Dress Code, Rapid City, Online Rummage Site, Multi-Racial, Boston Accent, Joe Pesci, Mexican, Avatar, Michael Saint Sanford, Family Dollar, Art To Art, Checkmate Society, Shandi Wells, Motivation, Project Organization, Goals, Film, Writing, Coaching, Mentoring, NBA, Patrick Ewing, Mississippi State University, Dakota “Dak” Prescott, Football, Basketball, Family, Michael Jordan, Dikembe Mutombo, Step-Parents, Horror, Practice, Learning, Kids, Business, Home, Slaine, Macklemore, Duke, Maniac: The Siouxpernatural, As Above So Below

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SEP056 – Me Read Good with Jason Kurtz Part 1

This week the Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Natasha Estes) welcome the founder of the non-profit South Dakota Writes, Jason Kurtz.  We ask him what it’s like to start a writers group right before the South Dakota Legislature bans books.  We also cover some hard hitting headlines like: Why is everyone in South Dakota Googling “Why is my poop green?”  How did the Shrine to Music Museum in Vermillion get a hold of Elvis’s Guitar?  What happened to the Badlands National Park rogue tweeter?  And, is there really a bacon apocalypse coming?  Plus, in a Sioux Empire Podcast Exclusive: The crew also listens to a children’s science lesson approved by the South Dakota State Legislature.  This week’s episode is sponsored by the Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival, February 16th-18th. Three nights, three venues, and thirty comedians all benefiting the Special Olympics of South Dakota. Tickets and info at www.SiouxFallsSnoJamComedyFest.com.  The Sioux
Empire Podcast can’t wait until the South Dakota State Legislature allows for the
teaching of alternative Math so we can finally make it past college algebra.


South Dakota Writes



USD keeps Elvis guitar



Choose your own Science





Hey he was nothing if not punctual: A Crime Report


Now that’s a party



“In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Badlands twitter goes Rogue



Why IS my Poop Green?





Bacon Apocalypse





A higher power



Tags and Topics:

Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, Jason Kurtz, Captain Planet, Trump, Badlands National Park, South Dakota State Legislature, Shakespeare, George RR Martin,  Science, Sioux Falls, Crime, LSD, Green Poop, Google, Twitter, National Prayer Breakfast, The Apprentice, Alternative Facts, Bowling Green Massacre, Caligula, Hank Green, Bacon, Trading Places, Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Pork Bellies, THC, Cookies, Hash Oil, KSFY, Communion, Cookie Monster, Transubstantiation, Bill Clinton, Knitting, South Dakota Writes, Elvis, Shrine to Music Museum

Parental Advisory

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SEP054 – Frisky State Legislators with Scott Ehrishman Part I

This week The Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover) welcome Scott Ehrisman from the South Dacola blog.  Scott’s an expert on all things state and local government in Sioux Falls and he dishes the dirt about what’s really going on in our community.  Zany antics ensue.  We talk about the massive Women’s March in Sioux Fall and also across the state and nation.  Plus a Sioux Empire Podcast Exclusive: we play a statement from the South Dakota State Senate about having sex with their interns and pages.  Our local music spotlight for this week is artist Bryson Tiller with the song “Exchange.”  This week’s episode is sponsored by the Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival, February 16th-18th. Three nights, three venues, and thirty comedians all benefiting the Special Olympics of South Dakota. Tickets and info at www.SiouxFallsSnoJamComedyFest.com.  Sioux Empire Podcast pro tip: Don’t sleep with your pages and interns!  

Guest Host South Dacola Blog’s Scott Ehrisman





Bryson Tiller – Exchange (JustAcoustic Remix)





Women’s March



Legalize it.  



Governor passes on bathroom bill.



Sexy State legislative interns


And one week later…


Past indiscretions



Tags and Topics:

Immigration, Snowden, Scott Ehrishman, Natasha Estes, Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Scott Ehrisman, South Dacola, Danny Glover, Donald Trump, Inauguration, Women’s March, Alex Jones, Jim Baker, ACLU, Transgender, Children’s Inn, Death Penalty, Helvetica, Dungeons & Dragons, William Janklow, Flandreau, Bill Maher, Mike Pence, Jefferson Sessions, Baskets, Marijuana, South Dakota State Senate, Sex Predators, KSFY, Mathew Wollmann, Dan Sutton, Division of Criminal Investigation, Twitter, Bruce Danielson, Bryson Tiller

Parental Advisory

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SEP045- Cosmic Rage

In a massive new episode of cosmic proportions the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, and Emily Gheorghiu) welcome special guests; animator Chris Biewer (of Cosmic Rage) and Jessica Tebben.  This week the female members of the crew horrify the male members by telling them how prolific unsolicited… “Photos” are.  We take a look at a very poorly conceived mattress sale, the Colin Kaepernick controversy, how Sioux Falls Stop the Funding was stopped, and a columnist who says he won’t date feminists.  This episode features music by Elliott Graber.  In the second half, we get very deep into issues about the future, not just of Sioux Falls, but of mankind.  We talk about some massive concepts such as; is there other intelligent life in the universe?  This episode is sponsored by PremonitionLive.  Prepare yourself for a night of magic, stunts, mind reading, and mystery with PremonitionLive October 8th! The Sioux Empire Podcast would like to apologize in advance for any interstellar wars triggered by this episode.

Cosmic Rage


Phoenix Ash


This week’s episode is sponsored by PremonitionLive:

On October 8th at the Orpheum Theater in Sioux Falls.  Prepare yourself for a night of magic, stunts, mind reading, and mystery with PremonitionLive!  z*stonish & Travis Nye perform a fast-paced, cutting-edge show that creates an unforgettable evening full of magic, mentalism, stunts, and mystery! Forget everything you know to be certain in this world. Allow your perception to change as you prepare to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Zac Tennneboe, aka z*stonish, brings an experience full of mentalism, hypnosis, and magic. You have to see to believe Zac’s world of make-believe.  Sit back and enjoy an evening of fun, mystery, and laughter. With Travis Nye’s combination of shock, freak stunts, & magic you will be saying “WOW!”

Music guest: Elliott Graber

Local Music Spotlight: Elliott Graber

Twin towers mattress sale


Take a stand by sitting


Stop the funding sabotage


Ladies man


The Bees!


Is Phillips Avenue Haunted?

The Ghost of Phillips Avenue?

Rail yard transformation


Dream Big or Go Home


ET Phone you!


Parental Advisory

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SEP043- Wet Pineapples with Paul Schipper

So Robert Mehling and The Sioux Empire Podcast morning zoo crew (Emily Gheorghiu, Seth Glover, and Natasha Estes) really tired to stay on target, we really did.  You can listen and figure how that turned out… This week our guests included Paul Schipper, candidate for South Dakota state house district eleven (For millennials, that’s the wheat district Rue was from).  Briggs Warren, TheSiouxEmpire.com contributor and state/local politics gad fly.  And Dylan Workman, member of the Paul Schipper campaign and international man of mystery.  We did get to talk to Paul Schipper about his stands on various issues.  We also spent an inordinate amount of time talking about the difference between dry and wet pineapple.  I’ve included links in the show notes to the stories we didn’t cover but might have made references to.  Stories we did actually cover somewhat include a Sioux Falls teen whose app was featured on Rush Limbaugh, Jackboots Jackley’s Wacky Weed Witch Hunt, Sherman park archway destruction, eating rattlesnake, and yes Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton get mentioned.  The Sioux Empire Podcast would like to reassure listeners that we did eventually shut off the sprinklers so that Briggs Warren could go home.

Paul Schipper


Dylan Workman’s Go Fund Me


13 year old Sioux Falls App Developer


Jackboots Jackley’s Wacky Weed Witch Hunt


Secretary of State kills a rattlesnake


No wedding for you!


Iron Chef Sioux Falls


Trump and Hillary Clips



Pit bull ban Sioux City


Parental Advisory

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South Dakota needs more developers, Code Bootcamp has the answer

South Dakota has a major shortage of software engineers, although that is the case across the nation as well. This shortage forces business to slow their growth, outsource work out of state (or country), poach developers from another businesses, or spend a ridiculous amount of money to recruit and relocating employees from out of state. None of these options are cheap or sustainable, recruiting can easily cost $100k for a new employee, and there is no guarantee that they will stay.

Code Bootcamp of South Dakota launched in 2015 to help solve this problem by training developers with their 12-week, web development bootcamp. Their goal was to get new developers trained as quickly as possible to launch them into new careers as new entry level developers, freelancers or to continue their developer education.

During their first year of operation, they trained a dozen web developers and all of them that wanted full-time employment are now employed. Code Bootcamp launched their third bootcamp in May with four students.

Unlike a traditional computer science education, Code Bootcamp focuses on hands-on education, mentorship, and networking. Each class takes on various community website projects, most are at no cost, and the students will work on these projects as they learn web development first hand. The projects teach the students how to interact directly with clients, implement requirements, and deliver a final product.

Students have been from very diverse backgrounds with numerous reasons for attending. Most of them have been changing careers entirely, about 40% of the students are women, three students have moved to Sioux Falls from other states, and one student was in high-school. Their goals are equally unique, many have gone on to full time developer positions around Sioux Falls, some have chosen to launch their own freelance businesses, and a few have chosen to continue their education.

All of this is done under the close guidance of co-founder Josh Stroschein. Josh is a seasoned developer with over 12 years of experience and is a full-time instructor at DSU. Over the years, he has worked as a developer for companies like GunUp, Sterling E-Marketing/Nichols Media, Capital Services and has freelanced for dozens of companies.

Code Bootcamp

Code Bootcamp

Gaming Bootcamp

Shortly after launching, the founders received a number of emails and phone calls from parents asking if they had any bootcamps for kids, which they did not.

Gaming Bootcamp was formed when co-founder Will Bushee posted a website in the spring of 2015 and said that if he could get 10 kids to sign up for a 5-day bootcamp to teach kids how to build video games, he’d run the bootcamp. Otherwise, everyone would get their money back and he’d do something else that summer.

Well, within a month he had his ten kids, plus five more. So he then needed to build a curriculum, find a teacher and actually launch the 5-day bootcamp. Their first Gaming Bootcamp had 17 kids, was taught by Brad Hartzler, and was a huge success.

Their success caught the eye of many organizations including Sioux Falls Christian, DSU, and the Girls Scouts. This summer, Code Bootcamp has four Gaming Bootcamps planned in Sioux Falls with sponsorships from Raven Industries, DocuTAP, Girl Scouts, and AT&T.

Code Bootcamp has heard so many great complements from the parents of their students. One commented that their son spend all night building characters for his new video game. Another parent said he had to take his son’s laptop away so he could get some sleep. We have heard from multiple students who explained that their views on video games is completely different now, always questioning how the game works instead of just playing them.

During the past year, Gaming Bootcamp has been featured multiple times on KELO, KSFY, KDLT and in the Argus Leader.

Code Bootcamp

Code Bootcamp

Native American Project

In March 2016, during a meeting with AT&T, Will mentioned the Gaming Bootcamp program that he started around Sioux Falls and this quickly led to a conversation about taking that program out to our state’s Indian Reservations. That idea rapidly got some launched after AT&T provided an $11k grant to Sioux Falls Diversity Council to make the program happen that summer.

Code Bootcamp will teach video game development to under served Native American kids in Sioux Falls, Lower Brule and Flandreau this summer. Each event will be four days long and will include transportation and meals for all of the kids attending. The bootcamps are being taught by a Robert Johnson, a Native American who teaches at Roosevelt High School.

A strong partnership between Code Bootcamp, Sioux Falls Diversity Council, and AT&T has quickly grew, and the group is planning on making this an annual event, growing each year. The program will be showcased by AT&T at their South Dakota Technology Showcase on August 2, 2016 at the convention center.

Code Bootcamp

Code Bootcamp

Future Bootcamps

Code Bootcamp is passionate about education and is taking a non-traditional approach to teaching adults as well as kids. They saw a need in our community that was not being fulfilled by our current education systems and they set out to solve it.

By the fall of 2016, Code Bootcamp will have trained 15 new web developers for Sioux Falls and taught well over 100 kids how to build video games. And they are just getting started.

If you know someone who is ready for a career change, have them contact Code Bootcamp today at http://sdcodebootcamp.com or give Will a call directly at 605-610-9455.

If you know of any kids that love video games, get them signed up for a Gaming Bootcamp before they sell out. http://sdgamingbootcamp.com/

Sioux Falls needs more passion for technology if we are going to continue to grow. We also need to do a better job preparing our kids for a world build around technology. More must be done, and Code Bootcamp is a great example of being-the-change for Sioux Falls.

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