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Sioux Empire Podcast 105 Mama and Sioux Falls Startup Podcast with Joshua Sopko

Recorded during the April Snowpocalypse of 2018, Robert Mehling interviews Joshua Sopko from Sioux Falls Startup Podcast.  But first, he’s joined by phone by Seth Glover and Melissa Rochelle May for a very special Seth’s Book Club featuring a reading of the horror short story “Mama” by the author herself.  This episode is sponsored by Macabre Grimoire Podcast. Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.  Coming May 1st! Learn more at The Sioux Empire Podcast learned in this episode that the only thing scarier than post-apocalypse cannibal warriors is letting your employees down.

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Seth’s Book Club

“Mama” by Melissa Rochelle May

A Short Horror Story Reading, story read in its entirety by the author.


Joshua Sopko from Sioux Falls Startup Podcast



Sioux Empire Film Festival

Macabre Grimoire Podcast

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Sioux Falls Buries April Snow Records.

Sioux Falls has officially blown away three of our April snow records. Stay safe out there everyone!

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South DaCola Podcast Ep 016 Sioux Falls City Election 2018 Predictions

South DaCola Podcast Ep 016 City Election 2018 Predictions

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Special Guests:  Joe Sneve, local government watchdog reporter for Argus Leader Media, watches how your tax dollars are spent and how the rules that govern your life are made.

Bruce Danielson aka “Cameraman Bruce” local activist with Sioux Falls Citizens for Integrity.

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

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A Letter from Peter Vaughn Pischke

Hello, again Sioux Falls,

I appreciate the support that many citizens, students, families, and even school district staff have put to my candidacy.

I’m honored to be able to speak with you and discuss your concerns regarding the Sioux Falls School District.

I really want to serve our students, staff, and families by sitting on the School Board. I want to help students struggling with mental health problems to receive the care they need. I want our school board meetings to have more public input and town hall meetings where concerns and questions of families and staff can be heard.

I want our schools to be full of positive and fantastic learning experiences because of the hard work of fantastic teachers!

If you are tired of the school district not listening to the public or spending money without your permission then I’m the guy for you.

Please vote Pischke for Sioux Falls School Board!

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