South DaCola Podcast Ep 012 2018 Predictions with Scott Hudson

South DaCola Podcast Ep 012 2018 Predictions with Scott Hudson

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host (Absent).

Special Guest Scott Hudson host of The Ledge, Big Brother Gossip, and Day Drinking With Scott & Colette Podcasts.

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

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South Dakota Voices for Peace Thanks Representative Noem’s Sioux Falls Office for Meeting with South Dakota DREAMers

December 12, 2017 South Dakota Voices for Peace convened a meeting with Representative Noem’s office in Sioux Falls, where Owen Shay spent over twenty minutes hearing directly from two South Dakota DREAMers, and a longtime community advocate and immigration legal services provider, Sister Janet Hortsman, a Presentation Sister with Caminando Juntos’ Hispanic Ministry and immigration lawyer and Executive Director of SDVFP, Taneeza Islam. The DREAMers included a young man brought to SD at the age of two, who went through the Sioux Falls Public Schools and now has a job at a local bank.  Without DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) he would not have been able to go to college, work and give back to SD.

If DACA ends, SD would lose more than $12.2 million in annual GDP, and the national economy would lose over $460.3 billion from our national GDP. But for each one of our DREAMers and their families, their ability to live out of the shadows and build a successful and promising life is more than a number.


“There are 630 DREAMers in South Dakota.  They were brought here when they were young and SD is the only place they know.  DREAMers go to school, have higher paying jobs than their counterparts, pay taxes, and pay into social security, buy houses, cars and are a pivotal part of our community in every way,” said Executive Director Taneeza Islam. “Their voices must be heard.”

The Trump administration announced DACA will end on March 5, 2018, unless Congress acts.

“Throughout the years of serving the Hispanic community, I’ve met some amazing young people with big dreams and hopes.  DACA provided that.  To tie the politics of a comprehensive border security and enforcement strategy to DACA is unconscionable and we are looking for leadership on this issue from our SD members of Congress, “ explained Sr. Janet Hortsman

South Dakota Voices for Peace’s mission is to empower South Dakotans with accurate information about Islam, Muslims, immigrants, and refugees to fight Islamophobia and anti-immigrant bigotry in order to nurture informed, inclusive, and civically engaged communities.

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South Dakota Voices for Peace Condemns Trump’s Reckless Use of Twitter to Spread Dehumanizing Propaganda

November 29, 2017, Early this morning, President Trump retweeted a series of unverified dehumanizing videos targeting the Muslim community, without any added context. This marks another blow in a pattern of utilizing the platform of the leader of the free world to incite violence and further growing tensions in a divided nation. The FBI has reported that hate crimes are up by 4.6% in 2016, where 21.1% were religiously motivated and a quarter of those were perpetrated against those who identified as Muslim.

“Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise to ‘ban all Muslims from entering the United States,’ by laying the groundwork with dangerous anti-Muslim propaganda,” said Communications and Policy Director Samantha Spawn. “By retweeting videos originating from the cult-right in the UK, Trump is working hard to import to America the same hatred that has been condemned across Europe. We’re seeing some preliminary repercussions of that here in South Dakota, and it’s our fear that the continued use of this rhetoric will escalate an already tenuous situation into a deadly one. How many more hate crimes do Muslims, immigrants, and refugees have to endure before Trump is able to accept responsibility for his reckless and racist agenda?”

Southern Poverty Law Center identifies five hate groups in South Dakota and one national organization with an active chapter in Rapid City, SD, ACT! for America.  Four of these five hate groups are anti-immigrant and Islamophobic groups, and ACT! is classified as the largest of such groups. Since January 2017, South Dakota Voices for Peace has tracked 24 Islamophobic events taking place in South Dakota, and built a coalition to fight two Islamophobic resolutions in Pierre during the 2017 legislative session.


“This is a real threat for me, my family and over 7 million Muslims in the United States, including the millions of others who are not Muslims but are attacked because they don’t ‘look American’,” said Executive Director Taneeza Islam, a practicing Muslim who has received threats for the work she does providing accurate information about Islam, Muslims, immigrants and refugees in SD. “There has never been a genocide in human history that didn’t start with dehumanizing the targeted population. That is exactly what these videos depict.  If you believe these videos, and there are millions of people who do, and many people in SD who do, you will surely believe that brown skinned people, with beards wearing long shirts, otherwise stereotypically categorized as Muslims, are inhuman.”

South Dakota Voices for Peace calls on our members of Congress, Senators Thune and Rounds, and Representative Noem to condemn President Trump’s reckless use of Twitter, spreading dehumanizing propaganda of unverified videos and assure Muslims in South Dakota they do not stand by the President on this tweet.

South Dakota Voices for Peace’s mission is to empower South Dakotans with accurate information about Islam, Muslims, immigrants, and refugees to fight Islamophobia and anti-immigrant bigotry in order to nurture informed, inclusive, and civically engaged communities.


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Get Serious About Tackling Opioid Abuse: A column by Gov. Dennis Daugaard

This week President Trump declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency. According to the White House, in our country, drug overdose deaths now outnumber fatal crashes and gun-related deaths, with 175 Americans dying each day. An estimated 11.5 million people self-reported misusing opioids in 2016. And the numbers of infants born drug-dependent and children placed in foster care because of parental drug abuse have both increased substantially.


Fortunately, South Dakota’s prescription drug overdose death rate remains relatively low. Still, every one of these deaths is a tragedy, and for too many South Dakota families, opioid addiction hits close to home.


Jeff and Maureen Deutscher of Sioux Falls experienced something no parent should when, in July of 2015, they lost their son Nick after his battle with addiction. An active, athletic student, Nick was on the high school football team. After he sustained a football injury and was prescribed prescription drugs by his physician, Nick became addicted.


Since their son’s tragic death, the Deutschers have become advocates for preventing opioid abuse. They are a part of a statewide advisory committee which has been meeting over the past year to address this problem in our state.


The committee also includes health care professionals, law enforcement, policymakers and state government officials. Together, this group has developed a strategic plan to address opioid abuse in South Dakota. The plan identifies four key areas of focus: prevention and early identification; treatment and recovery; reducing illicit supply; and emergency response to opioid abuse and misuse.


To address this problem, systemic changes are required. For instance, earlier this year I signed a bill into law which requires doctors to enter painkiller prescriptions into a statewide database within 24 hours. Also, health care providers are providing additional guidance to their physicians on when to prescribe these drugs.


Addressing the issue will also require action on an individual level. That’s why one of the advisory council’s key strategies is to promote the disposal of unused or unwanted drugs, so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.  Law enforcement agencies across the state promoted Saturday, Oct. 28, as National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. This gives South Dakotans the opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.


If Take Back Day has passed by the time you read this or you can’t make it to one of the locations, check with your local pharmacist or law enforcement for additional disposal options available year-round. In the near future, the Board of Pharmacy hopes to establish these permanent take back sites throughout the state.


With the problem escalating at the national level, now is the time to get serious about tackling opioid abuse. We need all hands on deck.  Health care providers, governments, communities, and individuals all have a role to play. We owe it to the Nicks out there who are struggling with addiction, and to the Jeffs and Maureens who are fighting for their loved one, not to wait another day.

For a list of sites participating in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day visit:


For more information about additional disposal options visit:

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Don’t Dream It’s Over

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Those words have never felt more meaningful, more necessary than they do today. America has stood as the beacon of acceptance, of freedom and sanctuary throughout our history. We welcomed the Pilgrims, those fleeing religious persecution, those seeking safe passage during times of war, genocide, tyranny. Freedom has meant different things to different people at different times, though. For many of America’s citizens, freedom was about achieving equality. For others, it was about economic prosperity. For others still, it was about simply being able to be safe.
Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stood before the nation to announce that DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was being terminated. Fulfilling a campaign pledge, the President of the United States authorized the judicial department to rescind the executive order signed by President Barack Obama in June 2012. No new applications will be accepted after September 5th. To clarify: DACA created a pathway to citizenship for approximately 1.76 million young people who were brought illegally to this country as children by their parents.
Since the program began, approximately 800,000 undocumented immigrants have been granted protection under DACA. DACA requirements include

• Came to the United States before their 16th birthday
• Have lived continuously in the United States since 15 June 2007
• Were under age 31 on 15 June 2012 (i.e., born on 16 June 1981 or after)
• Were physically present in the United States on 15 June 2012, and at the time of making their request for consideration of deferred action with USCIS
• Had no lawful status on 15 June 2012
• Have completed high school or a GED, have been honorably discharged from the armed forces, or are enrolled in school
• Have not been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanors, or three or more other misdemeanors, and do not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety


Each applicant for DACA paid a $495 fee along with additional fees of up to $575 if they wished to travel outside the U.S. for educational, employment, medical or humanitarian purposes once approved.
91% of current DACA recipients were working, earning an income and contributing to state, local and federal taxes. 9% were in school. These young people had no control over how they came to this country, but they were steadfastly determined to stay, to work hard and to be a part of our democracy in every way possible. They were the very definition of what it meant to be American.
Part of the beauty of the American Dream was that anybody could achieve it. You could be poor, you could be black, you could be a woman, you could be disabled, you could be uneducated, but if you worked hard, you could make something of yourself, something that you could pass down to the next generation, something that you could share with your community. The American Dream extended beyond our borders, giving promise to those who yearned for freedom, opportunity, and equality. They, too, could come here and work hard and achieve their dreams. America was the Golden Door, offering entrance to anyone willing and able to participate in our unique and promising experiment at democracy.
Today, that dream ends for many people outside and inside our country. The door closes upon those whose only crime was being too young to know what was happening to them. The door closes on those were exemplary and notable Americans, like the young rescue Alonso Guillen, who was killed in Houston this week helping to rescue folks stranded from Hurricane Harvey.
Donald Trump seems determined to roll back every act of progress that was made during Obama’s tenure as President. He seems especially dogged to eradicate anything that bears the stamp of Obama’s name.
Take away DACA.
Take away Transgender service in the military.
Take away LGBTQ rights.
Take back the Paris Climate Accords.
Attempt to take back – of course – the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.
Take back the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Pardon Joe Arpaio.
Repeal laws that protect bears, in their dens and with their cubs, from being shot.
Repeal regulation that prevents coal companies from dumping debris and toxic waste into streams and rivers.
Repeal rules that prevent the “mentally incapable” from obtaining firearms.
Nullify a rule that restricts states from withholding funding from family-planning clinics that provide abortions.
Repeal privacy rules that prevent internet service providers from accessing consumer data.
Rollback workplace safety regulations.
The list goes on and on. The repeal of DACA is only the most recent in a long string of repeals and refutations that the Trump Administration is accomplishing, in an attempt to erase the legacy of Barack Obama.
Never mind that such notable business leaders as Tim Cook (Apple), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) urged the President not to go through with his plans to repeal DACA. Or that at least two states (New York and Washington) have threatened to sue if DACA is rescinded. Or that Republican leadership, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, publicly stated that repeal of DACA is a bad idea for the country.
Rarely does a new president come into office with the single-minded focus to sweep away everything that his predecessor accomplished? Usually, there are a few items to be “rebooted” with any new administration but only in the case of bitter political rivalries (like Clinton staff allegedly removing the W’s from White House keyboards when George W. Bush was elected) do we see the kind of vicious slashing and burning that this administration is undertaking. It begs the question: what the hell did Obama do to Trump?
There’s the obvious: that Trump never saw Obama as legitimate and kicked off the shameful birther movement with his tweets claiming that he had seen Obama’s real (aka Kenyan) birth certificate. Which never appeared because it didn’t exist. But this feels personal. Why?
Donald Trump is 71 years old. He doesn’t appear to be in great physical fitness, so it’s unlikely that he will live more than another 10-15 years. His reputation (such as it was) was well established, and he would likely have continued to be profitable in his many business ventures (if it isn’t just a house of cards). Even if he wasn’t running for office to boost his negotiating power with NBC over a new “Apprentice” contract, and he truly wanted to serve this nation as our 45th President – why does he seem to have such a personal vendetta against our last president?
I don’t have the answers to that question. I suspect that the President is a deeply racist individual (he is, after all, the son of a KKK member) and that it chafed him when the President taunted him during the Correspondents Dinner in 2011 about the birth certificate debacle. I understand that Trump’s belief system and political agenda differs from Obama’s, greatly. But why the personal animosity? What was Obama doing – or attempting to do – that would have so harmed Trump personally that he became a heat-seeking missile bent on the destruction of Obama’s legacy? Was he threatening his livelihood, his family, his honor? What? No other president has ever come to office with such a vitriolic agenda to undo what his predecessor had done.
For the past ten months, I have felt as though I were dreaming. I thought I was having a terrible nightmare. A nightmare in which a racist, sexist and xenophobic reality show star had somehow gotten elected president of the United States and systematically began dismantling the programs that had given us sweeping progressive success for the past eight years. I thought I might be dreaming that people with valid visas would be turned away at airports, prevented from coming to this country to see their families, visit our landmarks, attend our schools and participate in freaking robotics competitions. I figured I was having a flashback when the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists were marching in American streets with torches, chanting “Jew will not replace me.”
I still feel like I’m having a terrible nightmare and maybe I will wake up. But the truth is that I was dreaming, these past eight years, and that dream has ended.
This is the country we are currently living in. This is happening. And if Trump gets what he wants, we really will not remember our lives before he took office. We won’t remember those who stood with us, at the Women’s March, who worked side by side with us in demonstrating for social justice, who vowed with us to fight for the American Dream even if they came here under different circumstances. We won’t see people who don’t look like us – either they’ll be hiding in their communities or they will flee this great nation. We won’t remember that an African-American president once gave hope to the children of immigrants by offering them a path to citizenship and a chance to be a part of our democracy.

The Dream is over.

Hey now, hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us

I no longer know for certain that they won’t win.

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SEP066 – All About Zach Dresch

This week The Sioux Empire Podcasts asks who is this Zach Dresch guy and how did he get in Rob’s apartment?  We also explore the life cycle of animated adult comedies, the changing media landscape, Alec Baldwin’s lazy Trump impression, the greatness of Kids in the Hall, and making healthy life choices.  This episode is sponsored by SiouxperCon 2017: The Sioux Empire Strikes Back.  SiouxperCon is a fan convention celebrating several mediums: including comic books, anime, board games, video games, science fiction, and fantasy. A non-profit event, SiouxperCon is dedicated to promoting literacy and valuable life skills in an inclusive and friendly environment. Net proceeds from the convention will benefit REACH Literacy and the JY6 Foundation.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is taking an Easter Break, so we’ll see you again April 30th!

SiouxperCon 2017:  The Sioux Empire Strikes Back

The Disarmed

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SEP065 - April Fools with Zach Dresch

SEP066 – All About Zach Dresch

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Many Desperately Seeking a House in Rapid City

There are currently 426 Realtors listed in the Black Hills Realtor Association, and right now, there is approximately just ONE house per realtor on the market!
We’re in a significant demand for real estate listings in the Rapid City area, and it’s impacting the livelihoods of everyone in the housing market, as well as the availability of properties for families to purchase. This is part of a larger “Buyer’s Market” happening across the nation.
Realtor/Broker Tony Hensley of Re/Max Results here in Rapid recently sat down and told me about the current real estate market in Rapid City.

“Locally it is like it is nationally – we have a lack of inventory. We also have rising interest rates which isn’t as big a problem as the lack of inventory. We see a lot of people coming in who are qualified to buy, but we just don’t have exactly the right priced home. It seems like the $500 thousand market, and up, we have plenty of inventory, but the $175 to $350 thousand market is very, very low in inventory. If those homes are priced right and ready to sell, those sellers right now are receiving multiple offers within hours which is a national problem at the moment.”

What’s going to happen when (not if) mortgage rates begin to increase? This past week mortgage rates for 30-year fixed notes rose from 4.29 percent to 4.30 – thanks, in part, to the Trump Administration. Recent setbacks in Trump policies (the botched Health Care plan, and the Democratic filibuster for Supreme Court nominee Neal Gorsuch, for instance) have caused the market to reassess. This has, in turn, reversed some recent gains in the stock market and pushed mortgage rates down, although likely that’s only temporary. But as the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates, the chances of seeing the under-4 percent mortgage rates of the last few years are unlikely shortly.
Rapid City has always been a unique market, one that doesn’t always reflect the national averages and that includes the housing market. Like the rest of the nation we suffer from a dearth of available properties, but unlike many other parts of the U.S., we see our population grow significantly. We need suitable homes for those moving into our area or those with changing needs.
Tony and I talked about the recent report from United Vanlines that South Dakota has replaced Oregon as the “Top Moving Destination” in state-to-state moves in the U.S. This has a significant impact upon the housing market, including rental properties.

“We (Rapid City) have multiple apartments being built, and from what people are telling me, those are being filled quickly. My wife runs a property management company, and they have virtually nothing to rent. I think the base (Ellsworth) is still full of people and I don’t think we’ve seen the influx of people expected for Black Hills Corp yet, so there’s, even more, buyers coming. I just think the beautiful Black Hills and the pace of life here brings people to our area.”

While business may be driving some folks to Rapid City, nostalgia is another factor. “I know a lot of young professional, people that grew up here, who said they’d never come back. They go out in the world, but something brings them back to the Black Hills. I mean, you’ve got rock-climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing. All these activities bringing people back, plus the cost of living is relatively cheap compared, even to Denver.”
The challenge is that while properties are in the highest demand we’ve seen in years, there’s no real incentive to sell your home unless you’re looking to build or move out of the area. After all, where are you going to move if you sell your house?
“The people that have the great locations – houses they’ve been in for fifteen to twenty years – when they look at what they can buy, they’re discouraged.” Hensley confided. “They’d rather sink money into remodeling their house. They can refinance, take the money out and upgrade.” This fuels the lack of available properties in our housing market.
In additional to houses in the $175-300 thousand price range, another thing realtors are desperately seeking are one-level houses. Many people retire in the Black Hills region, and it’s easier for seniors to have everything on one level.
According to a recent press release from “There are only 14 current listed homes in the Northwest area of Rapid City. Of those 14 listed single-family homes, only six are not under contract. Northwest Rapid City is highly desired due to the incredible school districts and easy access to West/South Rapid City. This area also has easy access to parks, downtown Rapid City, Nemo Road and I-90 via Black Hawk or Deadwood Avenue.”
As rates begin to rise in early 2017, it’s likely to more and more home buyers are going to opt out of the market this season. They’ll look instead at refinancing and remodeling, or they’ll put the decision to move off by a year or more. That’s not good news for realtors, home appraisers, mortgage lenders and others who rely upon the constant back-and-forth of a healthy market.
This week a symposium was held in Rapid City to talk about interest in building a low-income Tiny House community. Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender has long talked about finding more permanent housing options for our homeless population, but this Tiny House development might be an option also for students, seniors and those looking to downsize and save costs on rent.
I’m not sure a single Tiny House development clustered together, serving the homeless, seniors and students is the best option. But as single property developers look at available land, instead of building one $250,000 to $500,000 home, perhaps they could build four Tiny Houses (or very small houses, since a “tiny house” is specifically categorized as a home that is 400 square feet or smaller).
The Trump Administration has brought uncertainty to our future. This has been, inarguably, the biggest political game change we’ve seen in our lifetime. It’s impossible to predict what is going to happen at all, let alone specifically with the real estate and financial markets. But people still need to find homes and sometimes to sell them. If a current homeowner were even considering the idea of selling, this is probably the best moment to do so. Rates are rising which will lower demand and right now, some new listings are receiving offers in less than 24 hours. 24 hours, people!
Rapid City is growing. We are seeing people move into our state from elsewhere, including folks who grew up in the area and are now returning to raise their families. We’re also likely to continue to see Rapid City and the Black Hills attract retirees and snowbirds. These people (in the latter category) will not necessary bring a large income with them. Having affordable housing is imperative if we want them to settle here. Rapid hasn’t always been known as the most welcoming community, but it has improved in the past decade or so. Let’s hope that our developers keep that welcoming spirit in mind as we look to the future and where Rapid City folks would like to live.

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Representative Kristi Noem Town Hall Notes

Representative Kristi Noem Town Hall Notes by Amanda Hoover

March 18, 2017, 10:00 AM

Watertown Police Department Community Room

Reid Holein began & gave rules

  • He was the moderator, you get one strike, if you step over the line he will ask you to leave
  • Civil language, no outbursts
  • People will be called on to speak, given about 30 seconds for a question, if civil then he may allow follow-up questions
  • Fine to have signs, set them in front of you, don’t wave around
  • Can’t stop people from filming on their phones anyway so go ahead

Kristi said she usually started with an overview of what’s going on in DC, there was a PowerPoint projected at the front of the room that her daughter ran throughout the town hall. Skipped PPT and went straight to questions.

  • Question about Extension Ag Service funding – have had to defend for a long time, out of 435 members of the House only 36 represent rural districts; stated President Trump’s budget was a proposal – congress actually writes & passes the budget.
  • Someone asked if we could move to a larger location; they said there really was no other place in town with the gun show, craft show, St. Patrick’s Day events, etc. Kristi said there had been town halls she was not invited to (hosted by Indivisible 605 she said? Haven’t fact-checked.), or that she was invited to the day before they happened (ironic since there was no notice of this town hall until the day before)
  • Right to Life representative – what is her thoughts on the supreme court nominee; said she hasn’t met Judge Gorsuch but that he seems upstanding
  • First ACA/American Health Care Act question – rates/coverage, can she guarantee his rates won’t go up
    • Rates have increased by double digits, not lowered, remember members of congress are on ACA plans too
    • SD gone from 17 insurers down to 2, people are losing options
    • Current policies will stay in place for several years while they work to get the taxes & regulations worked out, give the markets time to change
    • People will be getting tax credits they can use to shop for plans ($2,000-$14,000)
    • “bipartisan” effort to reform – people objected – corrected to say bipartisan support for reforming ACA, current bill only put forth by the R’s because the D’s refuse to help them with
    • She rejects premise that plan costs HAVE to go up
    • Said she can’t guarantee anything


  • Second ACA Question about Congressional Budget Office review of plan, 25 milllion people losing coverage is very abstract, but 25,000 South Dakotans would lose – what does she have to say about that?
    • This does not reduce Medicaid/care coverage
    • 14 million are? Or would be? CHOOSING not to have coverage
    • Mentioned the transition period again for the markets to develop, this bill is ‘Step 1’
    • Step 2 is the Health & Human Services Secretary to make changes, pull current regulations back – ACA said “the secretary shall” blahblahblah, so they’ll give HHS Sec the chance to do those things
    • Step 3 would be (presumably more legislation) allowing people to purchase across state lines, form  their own associations to purchase group plans (group of farmers, group through a church given as examples)


  • Third ACA Question about Seniors, older people getting less of a tax credit than the subsidy they are currently getting, making coverage more unaffordable?
    • No- they’ll get that 2k-14k to shop for coverage, also reinstating national risk pools where high-healthcare-needs people can get coverage, funded differently than general health insurance, very sick people are covered together and general population doesn’t have to pay for their coverage,


  • Someone asked why not just FIX the ACA rather than scrapping it and starting over, she said she doesn’t think they can fix a failing system, as it progresses it just keeps heading us towards a single payer system which R’s are opposed to, the new bill gives power back to the people


  • Question about her ‘no’ vote on Violence Against Women Act
    • She has always voted yes – voted no one time when approached by SD Attorney General’s Office because of unconstitutional language
    • Asked what that was, said it was giving tribal governments the right to bring non-tribal members in to prosecute which she said they shouldn’t be able to do as a sovereign nation


  • Question about her radio comments that women are already treated equally so she doesn’t support the equal pay bills
    • She denied that, said as a woman with two strong daughters she fully supports equal pay for equal works, but believes in more transparency about what companies are paying people rather than mandates that hurt local businesses – SD has highest percentage of working moms in the nation, something about a bill in Ohio that calls for that transparency


  • Question about UN’s Bill of Human Rights calling for a right to healthcare – in light of proposed budgets and new healthcare bill – what about elderly, disabled, and children
    • Noem’s #1 responsibility is to the US and the oath to the US that she took, so that’s what she always looks at
    • Wants to get people off of ‘poverty programs’ and able to provide for themselves
    • Used to be 16 workers paid into social security/medicare programs for every  1 person covered, now down to 3 people in for every 1 that takes out; each person pulling out 4x more than they put in over their lifetime
    • More people in poverty now than when Obama first took office (??)
    • Wants to get people off of programs, especially people who don’t belong there
    • When asked about elderly, disabled, and children, as people who wouldn’t just be ‘getting off the programs,’ because they can’t….
      • From Cory Ann’s video: Question: “How can you talk about ‘we need to get people off these programs’ when that’s not a feasible option for these populations?” Noem: “It absolutely is, and that’s the kind of mindset that’s kept us here for the last 50 years.” ….”I don’t know anybody on those programs that want to stay there for the rest of their lives.”


  • Trumpcare – resistance from many groups, how will she suggest changes before she votes on this?
    • She said bill won’t stay the same as it is today, it not the forever fix, they can only do certain things at this time, she was on committee working to write it, so is happy to sit back and listen to feedback/fresh ideas from other people at this point


  • Border wall – Had map showing where there is already portions of a wall, talked about renegotiating trade agreements with Canada & Mexico


  • Real Estate question about mortgage rates/deductions – blueprint was out last year, bill will be coming out, she hadn’t looked at very closely yet but didn’t forsee major changes


  • Question from high school student! She’s on ways & means committee, has power to see tax returns from people, why not release Trump’s?
    • Committee has never been used to do that before, focus on policy not politics, don’t want to call out individuals – something about how his parents wouldn’t like it if they called for their returns. Kid responds “well, the difference between my parents and Donald Trump is that he’s the president, and they’re not….” Her response was again that there’s no precedent for it, “Ask him, ask his administration,” she wants to promote personal privacy rights


  • Russia question
    • No evidence of Russian influence on the campaign or administration
    • Audience follow up – “What about Michael Flynn?” Noem: “What about Michael Flynn? He’s not with the administration. You want me to comment on somebody who’s not with the administration?”


  • Debt Ceiling question – tough spot, because you want to pay military, etc. but can’t spend money unless you increase debt limits. 2/3 of federal spending is mandatory and automatic, 1/3 voted  on by Congress, they’ve slowed spending since she’s been in office


  • NOAA & Coast Guard question – She looks at SD priorities first, hasn’t looked at the proposed cuts in those areas


  • Another health insurance question – No, there’s no provision that says insurance companies have to profit (someone heard there was $100 million set aside for this)
    • “Not necessarily everything you hear on the news is correct,” says she doesn’t spend much time watching news, gets updates from her staff, spends most of her time “gathering facts for real legislation.”


  • Another question about Trump’s budget – main point was that she should listen to what SD wants, and to not spend more money than we have, she invited us to tell her what we think, she is always willing to listen and be educated


  • Social Security/Medicare – not entitlements, what’s going to happen to them?
    • Programs are going broke, 10,000 baby boomers per day retiring
    • Programs need to be reformed, she recognizes they are different than “poverty programs”, but these all have a lot of fraud, especially within disability


  • Question about subsidies to wind industries – Xcel energy announced more turbines going up, people are abandoning their homes due to the noise, person asked her to quit giving them subsidies
    • New industries typically get tax credits or subsidies when they are just getting started, the wind subsidies are scheduled to phase out soon


  • Does she support the arts?
    • Have to prioritize spending, she loves & supports the arts, but can’t necessarily place it above over items in the budget, has heard that for every $1 of art spent there’s a $10 return, so it is a tough issue, but she has seen them auctioning off US Treasury Bonds to keep the government running and China is buying those bonds, so she doesn’t want to further the debt load for future generations even more


  • School lunches/Trump’s budget question
    • She has always fought for school lunches, got into Michelle Obama’s reform program about calories and sodium, people crying because kids weren’t getting enough food, she wants to keep federal lunch dollars in place though


  • Education question – thoughts on bill that would shut down Department of Education, what it will look like going forward, vouchers?
    • Most recent ed bill cut many stipulations on federal dollars sent to schools, sending money to the states and letting the states decide how it is best spent
    • She does not want the Dept of Ed eliminated, but it should be trimmed down, got into common core ‘mandate’ and getting rid of that.
    • Vouchers? She would have to look at but we do already have open enrollment in SD (not quite the same thing)


  • Russia take 2 – Rounds signed letter calling for aggressive response to Russia cyberhacking, what are her thoughts?
    • She supports that response but is not on intelligence committee


  • Climate Change/EPA
    • EPA doing things it shouldn’t be, she recognizes that we know climate change is , happening, but we need to look at how much human influence really is causing it, do a cost analysis – show the science behind the policies, but also look at what damage to/costs incurred by businesses and families


  • Her takeaways: healthcare, education, regulations, EPA, President’s budget
    • DC staff primarily focuses on legislation/policy, state offices do casework for citizens dealing with federal programs/agencies and advocating for them when there are problems
    • 200-300 requests for events per day, work with offices to try and schedule town halls, etc.
    • Beth Hollatz, her state director: 605-878-2868,


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SEP056 – Me Read Good with Jason Kurtz Part 1

This week the Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Natasha Estes) welcome the founder of the non-profit South Dakota Writes, Jason Kurtz.  We ask him what it’s like to start a writers group right before the South Dakota Legislature bans books.  We also cover some hard hitting headlines like: Why is everyone in South Dakota Googling “Why is my poop green?”  How did the Shrine to Music Museum in Vermillion get a hold of Elvis’s Guitar?  What happened to the Badlands National Park rogue tweeter?  And, is there really a bacon apocalypse coming?  Plus, in a Sioux Empire Podcast Exclusive: The crew also listens to a children’s science lesson approved by the South Dakota State Legislature.  This week’s episode is sponsored by the Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival, February 16th-18th. Three nights, three venues, and thirty comedians all benefiting the Special Olympics of South Dakota. Tickets and info at  The Sioux
Empire Podcast can’t wait until the South Dakota State Legislature allows for the
teaching of alternative Math so we can finally make it past college algebra.


South Dakota Writes


USD keeps Elvis guitar


Choose your own Science


Hey he was nothing if not punctual: A Crime Report

Now that’s a party


“In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Badlands twitter goes Rogue


Why IS my Poop Green?–237412?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing


Bacon Apocalypse


A higher power


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Orange is the New Bleak: Week One

The following is a list of what Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has done since taking the Oath of Office on 1.20.17:

On 1.21.17 he commanded his Press Secretary Sean Spicer, on his first press briefing, to excoriate the media over the fact that turnout for his inauguration was significantly lower than the two inaugurations of President Obama in 2009 and 2013. The next day, on 1.22.17 Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway told Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet The Press” that Spicer had simply offered the press “alternative facts” to which Todd lambasted her, reminding her that “alternative facts aren’t facts.” Trump also had not officially stepped down from the companies that bear his name.

On his first Saturday, he also contacted the National Park Service Director, Michael T. Reynolds, and pressured him to release photos of Inauguration Day showing larger audiences. The President told Director Reynolds that the media “lied” about his low numbers and he wanted to prove them wrong.

Also on 1.21.17, he went to CIA Headquarters to speak to the staff there. Standing in front of the wall that bears 118 stars – one for each CIA member who has been killed in the line of duty – Trump cracked jokes, attacked the media, bragged about his “intelligence”, insisted that his inaugural attendance numbers were “Yuge” and reportedly brought with him a gaggle of “cheerleaders” from his staff to applaud.

On 1.22.17 Kellyanne Conway (in the same interview where she offered “alternative facts” as an explanation for Spicer’s skewing of inaugural attendance) confirmed that President Trump does not intend to release his tax returns, after all. He also had still not officially stepped down from the companies that bear his name.

On 1.23.17 Trump warned the National Parks Service to stop TWEETING so much. He also had not officially stepped down from the companies that bear his name.

Also on 1.23.17 Trump signed the following Executive Orders: 1-reinstating the “Mexico City Order” (aka the Global Gag Rule) which prohibits giving federal dollars to international nongovernmental organizations that offer or advise on a wide range of family planning and reproductive health options if they include abortion – even if U.S. dollars are not specifically used for abortion-related matters and 2-an executive order removing the US from the TPP trade deal). The White House also shut down its comment phone line and directed people instead to an invalid Facebook page.

On 1.24.17 President Trump signed an executive order to move forward with the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines, jeopardizing the health of millions of American lives. He also banned EPA and HHS employees from posting on social media or speaking to reporters. Finally, on 1.24.17 it was demonstrated that he did step down from his businesses on 1.23.17 (three days after the inauguration) and turn it over to his sons however he had not yet divested from said companies.

On 1.25.17 it was revealed that several members of his staff (including Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway) were using private servers for their official email accounts – an issue that he dogged Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton about during the campaign. It was further revealed that he is using an unencrypted Android phone in office.

Also on 1.25.17, he gave an interview with ABC’s David Muir in which he claimed (with no facts to support his claim) that he BELIEVED that millions of people voted illegally on election day. Millions. This included, per his words, dead people, illegal immigrants and people who were registered to vote in two or more states. During this interview in which he appeared incoherent and irrational at times, he claimed that “none” of the “illegal votes” went to him. Just to “the other side.” In this interview, he also told Mueller that “torture works.”

Additionally, on 1.25.17, the USDA (Dept of Agriculture) was ordered to prohibit communicating with the media or posting on social media. Trump also signed two executive orders on this day to move forward with plans to build a wall along the US/Mexico border at the expense of US taxpayers (allegedly with the intention of Mexico later reimbursing the US) which will require the diversion of funds from other departments at a cost of approximately $10 billion dollars. Also on 1.25.17, he restated plans to initiate an immigration freeze on individuals coming to the US from Muslim-majority countries and to enact a registry of Muslim people in the US.

On the morning of 1.26.17, the entire State Department resigned, in one fell swoop, rather than work for oil tycoon and Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson (who has numerous ties to Russian oil oligarchs and President Vladimir Putin).

Also on 1.26.17, it was revealed that Tiffany, President Trump’s youngest daughter, was in fact registered to vote in both Pennsylvania and New York State. It does not appear that Ms. Trump did vote in two separate states nor is there any evidence that she voted for “the other side.” Later that same day it was revealed that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is ALSO registered in two states: New York and New Jersey. It is not believed that Kushner voted at multiple polling places nor does anyone suspect that he voted for anyone other than his new boss, his father-in-law.

Also on 1.26.17 Trump threatened to send Federal agents into the South Side of Chicago if the “carnage doesn’t stop.” Additionally, he announced that he was planning to publish a weekly list of crimes committed in the US by “illegals.” He also signed an executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights. And, that evening, announced that repayment of the wall separating the US and Mexico would come from a 20% tax (or tariff) on imports from Mexico. So, US citizens would foot the bill initially through Congress and again, through higher costs of imports including purchases of several automotive brands including General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mazda and Kia – all of whom have manufacturing plants (for engines, transmissions and other parts) in Mexico. Not only would the cost of your new car or truck increase but so would the cost of many produce items (notably avocados, tomatoes, and strawberries). Plus, beer.

On Friday, 1.27.17 President Trump capped off his first week in office by signing two executive orders: 1-expanding the US military to strengthen actions abroad against Islamic militants and 2-an order requiring an extreme “vetting” of asylum seekers applying to come into the US but with a specific priority on approving Christian refugees. January 27th happened to be International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the White House and President Trump issued the following statement:

“It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror.

“Yet, we know that in the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest. As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent.

“In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”

The word “Jews” never appeared in the statement and, when asked on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus confirmed that the omission was intentional. “I mean, everyone’s suffering in the Holocaust.”

The weekend following the first week of the Trump Presidency resulted in more demonstrations, as the new immigration policy began to roll out. I will include that in my next blog in this series “Orange is the New Bleak: Month One.”

As an author and blogger, not a journalist, I don’t feel the need to be impartial but I will say that among all of his actions this week there is one that I do think is good – the withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

But I’m not going to sugar-coat this: one good deed does not make up for what has happened this week. The attacks on the media, on truth itself, do not bode well for the coming weeks, months and years.

Is this sustainable? Did he just sweep in, knock out a bunch of anti-abortion, anti-immigration far-Right policy orders and now he’s just going to settle back and find some middle-of-the-road stance?

Highly unlikely. I don’t have the powers of second sight, I don’t know the future but what we have seen during this past seven days is likely just the tip of the iceberg. Notable among all of the cringe-worthy news this week is the understanding of just how thin-skinned, petty and self-aggrandizing this President is. Why would anyone run for president that so desperately needs to be liked? Half of the country, on any given day, will LOATHE whoever sits in the Oval Office. You’d have to be pretty obtuse or narcissistic to think that we’re all gonna love you. Especially when you’re Donald Trump.

This article is Part 1 of an ongoing series on the actions taken by President Trump and his administration in early 2017.

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