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Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 003 – The Meth Epidemic

With Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Char Green, and Kat Stands

Produced by Robert Mehling

Special Guest: Comic Creator / Writer James Murray

Native Hip Hop Spotlight – Ryan Craig & The RezHogz:  I Got Your Back

The Meth Project:

Meth Project Help Resources:


Meth Related Convictions Lead To Banishments On Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation


Dances with Wolves actor not welcome on Fort Peck Reservation


The Red Road to Wellbriety in the Native American Way

Survey: More High Schoolers Try Meth in South Dakota than Across the Nation


Methamphetamine In Indian Country: An American Problem Uniquely Affecting Indian Country


Floyd Mayweather Says New Rappers Have Made It “OK To Be A Junkie”

Crank Lucas: History of Hip Hop Drug Songs


Therapeutic Music 5

James Murray

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 003 - The Meth Epidemic

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 003 – The Meth Epidemic

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