2016-04-05 This why we question

With the 2018 Sioux Falls election season gearing up, here is a video Cameraman Bruce gave to the City Council April 5, 2016, in response to the administration’s bad behaviors.

There is no governing body or licensing agency for media, we only have the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution allowing anyone of us to report on the activities of our government.

The Huether administration will soon be gone but we must never let the current crop of candidates forget the abuses of power we have had to endure since 2010.

This just video proves a point for all the mayoral candidates to consider, every Sioux Falls City Director needs to be fired. They have been tainted by the marketer in chief to believe their own lies and the lies of the chief. How can they be reformed to understand good, open government?

Pt. 1, Tracy Turbak insulting and treating two City Council members and the media.

Pt. 2, The mysterious Tuthill New Year’s night ghost shooting incident.

Pt 3, The scam A.K.A. the Public Tour where the tour guide shrieked u horror when Cameraman Bruce arrived and then the “public” was turned away.

Pt 4, The day Heather made Cameraman Bruce media so he would go to the back of the Rail yard signing audience.

Pt. 5, Where Fiddle Faddle broke his oath as a city attorney so he could insult Bruce and the public while being the private attorney for the mayor in a Board of Ethics hearing. Did the dog eat his ethics?

Pt 6, Our good friend I.L. demands the mayor follow Robert’s Rules while conducting the Council meeting.

There are more, we only have about 3,100 videos to go through.

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