2018-04-03 MayorCam game – What did the Mayor Cut?

Cameraman Bruce made a mistake he will never do again. He tried using the Council audio feed and found out it can be cut off at the will of the chair. Bruce will be using his own microphone system from now on. Why? Here is a tale of meeting control and bullying from the mayor of all he knows.

As the public becomes more frustrated by the abuses of this administration, the mayor tries to create incidents so he does not have to answer to the bigger issues. Notice how the press and candidates are NOT talking about the root problems of our town. They only want to talk about the fluff and blame discourse on the people trying to bring up crime, transparency and corruption. The people going to the Council Public Input care deeply about the town. They are willing to risk jail time, being hit by the presiding officer, stalking and ridicule to bring the information to the Councilors who refuse to listen to the public in any other format.

The current strategy of the power elites seem to be to try and keep the discussion focused on this list of “booming” numbers. The message is that the average citizen should feel better when these numbers are bigger than when they are smaller. Unfortunately, no one has been able to explain how these “booming” numbers indicate good things for anyone but the power elites. Is your sewer and water bill lower? Are the roads better? Is more money staying local? Is the library better? Is your commute shorter? Are wages up? Are job opportunities better? What about crime?

The frailty of the administration’s arguments, is again shown by their need to play games with the official record of City Council meetings. Cameraman Bruce has saved every video and audio available from the City because the current administration tries to rewrite history and glorify itself with an edited version of the truth. As of this date, over 3,500 videos have been saved with most uploaded to YouTube for all to use.

So what is the mayor trying hide this time and why?

As of this posting, there are about 40 days and a few hours left to this miserable Sioux Falls city administration. It can’t come too soon. We have an election coming to change several wishy washy officials. Are we going to get another group of BOOM TOWN rubber stamper groupies? Are we going to elect more authoritarians like Huether who are there for their own gratifications?

Once again the city is playing video games. Cameraman Bruce has saved every video and audio available because the current administration tries to rewrite history to glorify. As of this date, over 3,500 videos have been saved with most uploaded to YouTube for all to use.

The City of Sioux Falls, as of this video upload, has refused to make the City Council meeting of April 3, 2018 public.

We have caught the administration editing videos before but never have they refused to make them public.

A few years ago, the administration cut out a section of video where the presiding officer went over and hit the Council Chair for not keeping his members in line. Several Council members contacted Cameraman Bruce in hopes his camera caught the action. For reference, remember when Christine Erickson was freeze framed? When pushed to fix the video, Rick Kiley’s head floated over the Council dais similar to the Great Wizard of Oz? Bruce secured newer equipment after the incident and MayorCam was born.

Another time, the presiding officer had the video system scrubbed after the Cameraman Bruce was hit on the head during a city council meeting causing a broken tooth.

A certain city official has taken the time to stalk citizens after meetings. Is this to possibly to create an incident so he can blame on the victim?

Cameraman Bruce has been hearing from citizens who have been threatened and physically assaulted.

The full server copy of city’s version has been uploaded already. We downloaded it and published it legally. Few people have the ability to do it, so we do it for you. Enjoy.

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