A Letter from Peter Vaughn Pischke

Hello, again Sioux Falls,

I appreciate the support that many citizens, students, families, and even school district staff have put to my candidacy.

I’m honored to be able to speak with you and discuss your concerns regarding the Sioux Falls School District.

I really want to serve our students, staff, and families by sitting on the School Board. I want to help students struggling with mental health problems to receive the care they need. I want our school board meetings to have more public input and town hall meetings where concerns and questions of families and staff can be heard.

I want our schools to be full of positive and fantastic learning experiences because of the hard work of fantastic teachers!

If you are tired of the school district not listening to the public or spending money without your permission then I’m the guy for you.

Please vote Pischke for Sioux Falls School Board!

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