Sioux Empire Podcast Bonus Episode: Day-Cons and Cosplay with Cassandra Nixon

Enjoy this bonus interview with Cassandra Nixon, the Sioux Empire’s Queen of cosplay planning.  She stops by the studio to give Robert Mehling an update on all of the Day-cons coming up in the second half of 2017.  They also discuss broader topics of geek culture and it’s rise to prominence in popular culture.


Day-cons, Society of Anime Loving Minds, Dargan-Con, Dragon’s Den, Panels, Demos, Universal Laser, Watertown, Flashback Comics, Dan Bublitz Jr, Chris Beaver, Cosmic Rage, VDR Cosplay, Dreaming Sheep Cosplay, Art, Performance, Harley Quinn, Westerns, Jocks vs Nerds, Futurama


Kogata Daycon 5 – October 15th


SubeteCon – September 16th


Geeky Gryphons


VDR Cosplay


Dreaming Sheep Cosplay


Cassandra Nixon aka “Cassandra Rain”


Dragon’s Den Comics & Games

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