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The Sioux Empire Podcast is the “quirky but harmless” podcast that’s all about northern plains: News, Comedy, Music, and Culture.


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SEP024- Man Bites Man

What do a 70’s Italian pop song, monkeys riding dogs, and gender-less aliens have in common?  This week’s episode of the Sioux Empire Podcast.  We also talk about the Denny Sanford Premier Center’s bulging metal problem, all day breakfast, the South Dakota State Fair, and lots of nerdy references to fake languages.  No monkeys were harmed in the recording of this podcast but the English language may never recover.

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SEP023- Is Sioux Falls the real San Francisco treat?

This week Robert Mehling and Seth Glover survive the Great Sioux Falls Flood of 2015 to bring you, as Trump would call it “The greatest, the biggest, the most classiest podcast.”  This weeks topics include the Trump/Palin interview, Sioux Falls in the Huffington Post, a rated R Hobbit, and a guy who is way too excited about a statue in Detroit.  Remember, in the event of a flash flood, The Sioux Empire Podcast cannot be used as a flotation device.  You have been warned.  

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SEP022- Cats, Guns, Jesus, Robots, Flying Spiders, And A Death Ray

Spiders and robots and death rays oh my!  It’s all hands on deck for a new episode of the Sioux Empire Podcast.  Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Amanda Mehling take a look at the very random stories that have shown up on the internet during a very random week.  This week Ft Pierre takes care of it’s cat urine problem, a pastor in Alabama opens a gun range in the name of Jesus, Augustana changes it’s name, the US fighting robot team launches a Kickstarter, the FBI foils a KKK death ray plot, and so much more.  The Sioux Empire Podcast feels bad it made Amanda cry on this week’s episode.

Extended Show Notes Here


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SEP021- The Frozen Paradox

This week the Sioux Empire Podcast goes through the looking glass in search of the truth about the lineage of some popular Disney characters.  Robert and Amanda Mehling also talk about some recent crime stories in Sioux Falls, Gifted programs in South Dakota, the HBO-Sesame Street deal, and some bizarre lost and found items from the Sturgis Rally clean up.  Seth Glover is on assignment in New Zealand destroying the Ring of Power but will be back next week.  At the time of this publication The Sioux Empire Podcast is still unsure what the bottle they found labeled “Sturgizz” actually contains.

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SEP020 – The Bite Sized Update (Minisode)

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sioux Empire podcast.  I’m your host Robert Mehling.  Amanda Mehling is in Egypt returning the eye of Osiris to its proper resting place thus lifting the curse, and Seth Glover is in a secret government lab, teaching robots to love.  It’s a short episode today, something to hold you over until our next formal hootenanny.




No one who threatens reporters could be evil.


South Dakotans for Fair Lending.


Debate Ratings


Sturgis Rally

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SEP019- All’s Fair in Love and SABOTAGE! (Minisode)

Fake protesters, corn dogs, fake petitions, short-shorts, and nude conspiracies!  (OK maybe not that last one)  Things take a dark turn for the podcast this week as Robert and Amanda are drawn into a real life web of funnel cakes and sabotage at the Sioux Empire Fair.  We also talk about Amanda’s previous Fair experiences and laugh about the youngest backup dancers to a song about brothels and dirty girls we’ve ever seen (video here).  No famous lions died making this podcast, so please don’t use the internet to ruin our lives.

Links of interest this week:

I’m tellin’ y’all it’s sabotage

Who wears short shorts?

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SEP018- Potholes for the Poor

This week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew tackles the in-equal treatment of roads in Sioux Falls.  Special guest this week Katelyn Trevett.  Also the crew plays Robert’s newest game “Clue Against Humanity”

It’s a living?

Who will Guard the Guards?

Road repairs not equal across city:

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SEP017- Would you cater a confederate themed gay wedding?

Well we’re back from a short summer break and fortunately nothing of consequence happened while we were gone.  I guess there was something about a supreme court ruling having something to do with marriage I guess.  There is some guy with a rug on his head who will probably be the next president of the United States.  But screw that noise we’ve got a giant robot fight on our hands!

What really matters:



Guided meditation

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SEP016- Name that Peak

This week the lazy and entitled millennials known as the Sioux Empire Podcast team (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Amanda Mehling) bring you the highlights and some of the low lights from this week in the Sioux Empire.  This Week we have a special segment called The Politics Hole With Special Guest Ted Kuehn.  In case you were wondering… Oh that’s right I’m a millenial… I’m too lazy to finish this weeks show summary…

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SEP015 – Health in the Sioux Empire

Lift those knees as the Sioux Empire Podcast focuses this week on health. We talk about diet and exercise and even play health themed trivia for this week’s game. We also talk about the war on Walmart and the state’s 24/7 testing program. This week’s episode of The Sioux Empire Podcast is made with all natural, organic, gluten free ingredients.

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