Dakota Free Press: Episode 6 Death with Dignity, Protest, Noem, Fishing, and More!

This week, Spencer Dobson and I discuss Aberdeen’s anti-anti-Islam protest, Kristi Noem’s vanquishing of pine beetles, fishing and private property, and Head Start. Then Spencer and I interview Angie Albonico, leader of an initiative to make it legal for terminally ill South Dakotans to get life-ending drugs from doctors. Have a listen… and if you enjoy the show, help us do more by ringing the Dakota Free Press Tip Jar!

Dakota Free Press Podcast

Dakota Free Press Podcast

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Mr. Attitude: Grow Tall

This poem, which is attributed to a man named Douglas Malloch, is one of my favorites. Life was never meant to be easy–for trees or for people. It really is in the tough times that we grow the most.

Grow Tall - From mrattitudespeaks.com

Grow Tall – From mrattitudespeaks.com

The tree that never had a to fight

for sun and sky and air and light,

but stood out in the plain,

and always got its share of rain,

never became a forest king,

but lived and died a scrubby thing.

The man who never had to toil

to gain and farm his patch of soil, 

who never had to win his share

of sun and sky and light and air, 

never became a manly man 

but lived and died as he began.

Good timber does not grow in ease;

the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees;

the further the sky, the greater the length;

the more the storm, the more the strength;

by sun and cold, by rain and snow,

in trees and man, good timber grows.

So remember this: The tougher the goin’ – the faster the growin’!

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Mr Attitude: The Power of Seed

When was the last time you stopped to think of the power of a tiny seed? It’s hard to believe that the tree in this picture started from a tiny seed, isn’t it? And yet we know, that mighty things do in fact come from tiny seeds.

Reminds me of a time when I was a little boy. A time when my father taught me a valuable lesson on the farm–one I am sure I will always remember.

Power of Seed - Photo from mrattitudespeaks.com

Power of Seed – Photo from mrattitudespeaks.com

One day, my father took my brothers and me out to our apple orchard. He picked an apple and carefully cut into it, all the way to the core. He then gently lifted one of the seeds from the center and held it up for us to see. He proceeded to tell us about how one little seed grew into the apple tree; how the potential of this seed and all the others in this one apple, could also grow into apple trees. And I can still hear what he said as he wrapped up his brief life teaching: “Boys, never, ever underestimate the power of the seed!”

And so it is with seeds of ideas, seeds of encouragement, seeds of kindness–just a few of my favorite seeds which I love to plant wherever I go. When we plant these tiny seeds into the lives of others, we will surely reap some big fruit, for as my father taught me long ago, you really can never, ever underestimate the power of the seed!

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Sioux Falls Litter Mystery

Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

I have lived in Sioux Falls for the past three years, and in my recent adventures, I have found a small cozy spot south cliff to get some fresh air. Needless to say the best part about this spot is the exclusiveness but in recent days some citizens are treating it like a dump site. This is really upsetting to me because of the amount of trash being dumped out here. This time last year the only reminisce of man was a smooth paved road and a few bits of construction debris. Now I can hardly recognize the same area due to all the trash, and I bet it’s going to affect this year’s wildflowers. I took these pictures in May of 2016.

Litter - Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Litter – Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Here are the most current photos I have of the same area not even a year later. The picture that has the ace bags is the same area of the yellow field above. I am disappointed in the HUMAN GARBAGE that decided to use this beautiful area as his personal landfill. Just because the bag contains “recyclable material” doesn’t make littering okay.

Litter - Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Litter – Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

The things I love most about South Dakota are the vast openness and the breathable air. The South Dakota skies carry the beautiful aroma of the seasons and always has an earthy rich smell. Perhaps the sky of South Dakota is my favorite thing; it’s like a small hole from humanity that we can veer into the universe. However, from the lack of human competence and laziness, mankind is polluting our earth better yet, our home.
This particular area is so secluded that it would be a bummer to expose its location for more potential dumpers. Likewise, the littering has to stop, and I’m willing to help crack down on the case of the litterbugs who keep using this area as their personal dump. Here are a few more incidents of trash bastards leaving their shit in a perfectly untouched area.

Litter - Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Litter – Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Besides this, there are beer cans, liquor bottles, and if littering is bad enough, someone has to do it while drinking and driving. Speculations at most but the donut tire markings are irritating as well. My most favorite event about this spot is the September sunflowers, and they truly are beautiful. I make a bouquet of flowers every year with the sunflowers. All littering does is take the sunflowers away and by doing that it steals someone’s joy and money. It takes over $11.5 billion spent every year to clean up litter. So, not only is littering not cool but it’s unpatriotic and if caught can cost a hefty fine.

Litter - Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Litter – Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Big or small littering isn’t good for our environment; in fact, 50% of littered items are cigarette butts. I am a former smoker, and I thought about quitting far more than I thought about proper cigarette disposal. Those tiny buds are still out there reeking and poising in the environment. Cigarettes are so toxic to some plants like tomatoes that if you touch them without washing your hands, you could kill that plant.

Litter - Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

Flowers – Photo by Emily Gheorghiu

For the love of God, people, plants, earth, and or yourself, do your best to quit the littering habit.

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The Dakota Boys Talk Movies – Ep. 66 Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies

On this episode, in honor of the new “Pirates” movie coming out this summer, we talk about the previous four in the franchise. What we liked, what we didn’t like and the like. Thanks for listening!

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Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates Of The Caribbean – The Dakota Boys Talk Movies

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Indivisible Rapid City: Tax Day March Planned

Protests and demonstrations are planned throughout the country on Saturday, April 15th to demand that President Donald Trump releases his tax records. There is one event scheduled in support of this effort in the state of South Dakota. Indivisible Rapid City is leading the movement locally that will draw supporters downtown that Saturday starting at noon.

Indivisible Rapid City: Tax Day

Indivisible Rapid City: Tax Day – From indivisiblerapidcity.org Facebook Event Page

Will Trump release his taxes if we march in the streets and demand it? Hell no. Nor does he care that we demand them, or that we suspect that something nefarious is hidden within them, something that would be not just morally offensive but criminally punishable.
But march anyway. Do it to show Trump that the numbers are rising against him. Do it to show him the power of the people when galvanized. Do it to demonstrate that the working people of this country are mobilized and ready and will defend these United States. Do it to show the world that the vast majority of Americans are not fooled by this fool.
Indivisible Rapid City identifies itself as “a group of progressives using non-violent and focused pressure to resist the current administration’s regressive policies to ensure freedom, equality, liberty and justice for all”. Their mission is “We can do this. We can make a difference. Together we are stronger. Show up. Stand up. Speak up. Rise up.” You can find more information about the movement and about the April 15th action at https://www.indivisiblerapidcity.org/
So if you want to make your voice heard on Tax Day, you can join Indivisible Rapid City and many others to demand that Trump release his tax returns. The event will be held at the intersection of Omaha and Mt. Rushmore Road starting at noon mountain standard time. Bring signs, bring friends, bring your pink pussy hats, and bring your voice.
A reminder that all throughout the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Trump repeatedly promised to release his tax returns. All other presidential candidates have since about sixty years ago, but Trump kept stalling. First, he said he needed to confer with his accountants. Then he said he was being audited. Then he said he was waiting until later in the primary season. Then he said he would if he was elected.
Last month journalist Rachel Maddow of MSNBC gained access to two pages of the 2005 income tax returns filed by Donald Trump. Those returns were delivered to The Rachel Maddow Show by David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist of the New York Times and Al-Jazeera America. While there was no smoking gun revealed in those two pages, the White House did verify their authenticity. There still lingers a question about the origins of those returns – did Trump secretly squirrel them to Johnston to deflect from the mounting suspicion over Russian interference in the 2016 election (and Trump campaign complicity with) and the bungled attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.
But with the exception of Maddow’s big reveal last month, nothing else has been issued regarding Trump’s taxes. In fact, on Sunday, January 22nd, two days after the Inauguration White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway stated that the president no longer planned to release his tax statements because, in her words, “people don’t care.”
Well, Kellyanne, you’ve been wrong about a lot of things including this statement. We definitely do care. We care if our president has financial ties to dictators. We care if he owes money to foreign banks. We care who has been funding him. We care if there’s a paper trail that leads to impeachment.
These demonstrations were planned for Federal Tax Day which is always April 15th, although this year the final day to file 2016 federal tax returns will be Tuesday, April 18th since the 15th falls on a weekend.
At this time the only Tax Day protest planned in South Dakota will be in Rapid City. Gatherers will assemble on the northwest corner of Omaha and Mt. Rushmore Mall beginning at 12noon on Saturday, April 15th.
It is the duty of the President of the United States to produce his tax returns to the American voters. It is the responsibility of the President to demonstrate where his earnings come from and what federal and state taxes he has – or has not – paid.

The Tax Day demonstration is expected to last until 2 pm that Saturday. Coincidentally that Saturday is free parking day in downtown Rapid City.

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SEP066 – All About Zach Dresch

This week The Sioux Empire Podcasts asks who is this Zach Dresch guy and how did he get in Rob’s apartment?  We also explore the life cycle of animated adult comedies, the changing media landscape, Alec Baldwin’s lazy Trump impression, the greatness of Kids in the Hall, and making healthy life choices.  This episode is sponsored by SiouxperCon 2017: The Sioux Empire Strikes Back.  SiouxperCon is a fan convention celebrating several mediums: including comic books, anime, board games, video games, science fiction, and fantasy. A non-profit event, SiouxperCon is dedicated to promoting literacy and valuable life skills in an inclusive and friendly environment. Net proceeds from the convention will benefit REACH Literacy and the JY6 Foundation.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is taking an Easter Break, so we’ll see you again April 30th!

SiouxperCon 2017:  The Sioux Empire Strikes Back


The Disarmed


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SEP065 - April Fools with Zach Dresch

SEP066 – All About Zach Dresch

Parental Advisory

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Clare Lopez Bigotry Rally in Aberdeen

The SoDakLiberty blog is back in the saddle with some great video from protestors outside of the Clare Lopez “Neo-Clan rally” (Those are my words to describe it) in Aberdeen, SD.  Events like this are taking place across South Dakota and I think it’s important to let people know that not everyone in South Dakota buys the bullshit snake oil sales people like Clare Lopez deal in.

If you want to witness some of this ugliness for yourself SoDakLiberty has video of the entire presentation inside.  Warning NSFYS (Not Safe For Your Soul).  It’s the usual mix of tinfoil hat wearing internet paranoia, combined with good old fashioned racism and bigotry that preys on ignorance and fear of the unknown.  A toxic soup of serial killer’s apartment collage style clippings and yarn linking everyone from liberals, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefellers, George Soros, Black Lives Matter, and UFOs.  I only made up one of those.

The inside of Clare Lopez's Head Apparently - Photo from BuzzFeed

The inside of Clare Lopez’s Head Apparently – Photo from BuzzFeed

By far the most ridiculous moment of the day (which is really saying something) has to go to the opening “Christian” prayer.  I can’t find this pastor’s name online but for the rest of this article, we’ll call him Pastor Cognitive Dissonance.  The void opens at the 2:12 mark of the video.

Don’t try to understand what Pastor Cogy is saying here kids, blood will shoot out of your nose.


The normal and healthy response to listening to that “Prayer”

Aaaaaaaand my faith in God and humanity fades a little bit more…

Here is video of a little girl telling a water heater “I love you Robot” in case you’re trying to talk yourself off a rooftop after that.

Little Girl Loves Robot

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Governor’s Column: Stewardship Of State Pension Not Something To Reprimand

A column by Gov. Dennis Daugaard:


South Dakotans are not afraid to do things differently when different means a better way. “Different” defines how we have been running our state’s retirement system.


Many other state retirement systems are struggling with large unfunded liabilities. New Jersey’s credit rating was downgraded by S&P recently due to its “large and growing unfunded pension liability.” Similarly, Illinois was downgraded by Fitch from BBB+ to BBB, partly because of ballooning pension problems.


In contrast, the South Dakota Retirement System has been solidly funded for decades, and is one reason that our state has a AAA credit rating. We do not have unfunded liabilities that need reckoned with. SDRS provides excellent benefits while operating with fixed funding at a low cost.


I was surprised when, last year, federal officials informed us of their intent to penalize South Dakota’s stewardship of public pension funds. Perhaps I should not have been shocked given the federal government’s track record on spending, but it is hard to comprehend why our state’s responsible management would be punished.


The Obama Administration’s decision to admonish South Dakota related to state employees who provide federal services. Even though SDRS is a low-cost, efficient retirement system, the Obama Administration took the position that our plan does not adhere to the rigid guidelines for pension reimbursement. Within South Dakota state government, essential services that are mandated by the federal government are provided by state employees. State workers provide these services for efficiency reasons and to save taxpayer dollars.


In reality, SDRS provides retirement benefits more efficiently, thereby reducing the cost of benefits for both state and federally-funded employees. We should be fully reimbursed for the pension costs of federally-funded employees of the state.


Ironically, South Dakota is being reprimanded for its good stewardship while poorly funded retirement plans, with much higher contributions, are not facing the same consequences. South Dakota’s pension cost, on average, is half that of other public retirement plans nationally.


We are currently working with the new administration to right this wrong, and I am hopeful they will work with us to find a common sense solution. In the case of our pension system, “different” is good and it’s not something that should be punished.

Office of Gov. Dennis Daugaard

Office of Gov. Dennis Daugaard

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Pokehon: Attack on Titan 進撃の巨人 Season 2 Episode 26 Beast Titan Review/Breakdown (Spoiler)

Attack on Titan Season 2 is finally here! Thanks for watching hope you enjoy and STAY NERDY!
T-Shirts can be purchased at https://www.teepublic.com/user/pokehon
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Pokehon Attack on Titan

Pokehon Attack on Titan

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