Mark Mickelson Took Money from Big Tobacco, Delivers Rant About Out of State Money

Rep. Mark Mickelson launched into a tirade against the voter-approved ballot measure Marsy’s Law.  The statement appeared recently in the Argus Leader:

“I personally am offended that someone from California is running a campaign to amend states’ constitutions because he’s grieving over his sister’s death and now we amended our state’s constitution for that very reason. We fell for it,” Rep. Mark Mickelson, R-Sioux Falls, said of a victims’ rights amendment approved on the ballot as Marsy’s Law.

Mickelson doesn’t seem to think much of out of state interests in South Dakota politics.  But that does beg the question of why he accepted money in 2016 from a major out of state tobacco company?  Apparently, he approves of Big Tobacco interfering on his behalf in South Dakota but doesn’t want pesky victims rights groups getting in his way.

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