Mr. Attitude: Live In the Now

When we were young, we thought our life on this planet would last a long, long time. However, as we are aging and maturing we are discovering that life is so very brief and it moves by rather quickly. The memories of our early years permeate our minds with all the lessons learned and not learned, obstacles overcome, all the joys and sorrows that have contributed and often played a key role in this process we call life, and we realize just how precious life, along with time, really is.

That is why I choose, every day, to live in the moment; to live in the now! You know there’s nothing you or I can about do the past except learn from it, and all we can do about the future is prepare for it as best we can. We should not live life with regrets of the past, nor should we live life afraid of the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. We must determine to live life with “zest” while focusing completely on the here and the now. Some may say, “Easier said than done!” and that may be true, but in my humble opinion, it just takes practice to develop smart disciplines and positive habits. Be assured, living a full and abundant life is truly the result of a series of good and wise choices and decisions-not the kind of thing that happens by osmosis.

Please allow me to ask a few questions that will help you to do a little soul searching.

  • Are you living the kind of life you really desire?
  • Are you achieving the goals and desires that you have for your life?
  • What is holding you back? Fear? Insecurity? Laziness? (I know that I can relate to all three.)

Answer these questions for yourself, and determine to be an over-comer. Make the decision, today, to begin living a life that is rich, full and happy. Become the kind of person who takes life’s problems, challenges and negative issues and, with a spirit of determination, hard work, enthusiasm and a good action plan, totally flips these negatives into positive results. This strategy alone will contribute greatly to success in your current situations.

Life is much too short to waste a minute of it, so live your life as if there were no tomorrows; live in this moment of time we call now!

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About the Author
For over 30 years, Bob Prentice has been positively impacting the lives of thousands of people through his motivational speaking, corporate training, and business consulting. A true entrepreneur, Bob has authored, produced and published hundreds of articles, a book, and numerous podcasts, that convey his message to the world. Interestingly enough, Bob has accomplished all of this without ever going to work – because he loves his work so much he considers it play! Bob’s quest to help humanity began at home with a loving, 38-year marriage to his wife Vicki. Together they have enjoyed the pleasure and privilege of raising and mentoring two sons and two daughters to adulthood by using the same values and strategies that Bob shares with his audiences. Although Bob has delivered effective and empowering workshops on Customer Service, Leadership, Sales and Team Building to hundreds of companies, hospitals, schools and organizations all over the USA, his most important mission is now YOU. It’s YOUR turn to join the ranks of the 400,000 people who have benefited from Bob’s inspirational and motivational message. Attitude is everything, so it’s no accident that Bob Prentice was nicknamed “Mr. Attitude” by his family, friends, and the many people whose lives he has touched