SEP075 – All About Wacko’s Comedy Club owner Kellen Marson

Wacko’s Comedy Club owner Kellen Marson is back on the podcast to tell Robert Mehling and Seth Glover how fun/scary that job is.  We talk about the challenges of the comedy industry and creative ways Kellen has worked to meet the challenges.  We also hear a little bit about how hypnosis changed his life and his military service.  This week’s episode is brought to you by The Sioux Empire Podcast Network, specifically “The Art of Bombing” podcast with Dan Bublitz Jr.  Also, Chaos Reigns podcast with Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke.  Now if you’ll excuse us The Sioux Empire Podcast needs to go win back its money playing Pai Gow on Freemont Street (This could take awhile).

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Midway Drive-In Theater Miller, SD

SEP074 - Road Rage Prison Tablets with Kellen Marson

SEP075 – All About Wacko’s Comedy Club owner Kellen Marson

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