Sioux Empire Podcast 077- All About Sioux Falls City Council Member Theresa Stehly

Sioux Falls City Council Member Theresa Stehly is back for week two to forcibly annex our hearts here on The Sioux Empire Podcast.  The Sioux Empire Podcast Task Force (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover) gives Theresa a second reading on issues we missed in part one like Forced Annexation, which is a catch 22 in which the city has the money to annex your community (and possibly assess up to $80,000 on your home) but can’t seem to find the funds to tell you they are about to do that.  Other topics include Gestapo lawn code enforcement, the mayor calls law abiding human beings freeloaders (We’re sure that won’t come back to bite you down the road), Big Brother code enforcement sticky notes, ruling Sioux Falls by fear, no warning citations, and so much more. This week’s episode is brought to you by The Sioux Empire Podcast Network, specifically “The Art of Bombing” podcast with Dan Bublitz Jr.  Also, Chaos Reigns podcast with Ari Show and Dominic Wieneke.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is so thankful for the flowers from Theresa Stehly, time to up your game future guest hosts!

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Listen to Part One here:

Sioux Empire Podcast 076- Parks and Recreation with Sioux Falls City Council Member Theresa Stehly


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