Sioux Empire Podcast 084- Lies, Scams, and Chris Biewer from Cosmic Rage

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

This week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling and Seth Glover) is getting to the bottom of all the scandals and low down dirty lies in South Dakota with the help of Chris Biewer from Cosmic Rage.  After a ‘brief’ tangent detour (19 min) through North Korea and the War on Terror, we discuss possible vehicular homicide advocate Lynne DiSanto.  We also break down Mayor Huether’s tarnished legacy after he turned the Denny Sanford Premier Center into a house of lies with the siding lawsuit settlement.  Along the way, we also discuss broader themes of the economic and age divide and the death of optimism in America’s young adults.  This episode is also sponsored by Superstitions – A Psychological Spectacle.  From the mind games of Zac Tenneboe (@zstonish) comes his new show, “Superstitions.” It’s more than just a magic show, but a stunning one-man performance weaving mystery and theater. No rabbits. No top hats. No smoke and mirrors. Witness a different way to experience illusion.  The first 50 people to use promo code “siouxempire” will receive $1 off each ticket purchased online. Don’t miss out on this discount deal before it’s too late!  The Sioux Empire Podcast is firmly against vehicular homicide and feels sad we live in a country where that clarification is necessary.


Chris Biewer from Cosmic Rage

The Animated Adventures of Kim Jung-un

North Korean Photoshop Tutorial

Red Star OS (North Korea’s Operating System)

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Drone Pilots

All Lives Splatter

Lynne DiSanto

Lynne DiSanto’s idea of humor.

The Patrick Lalley Show

Greg Belfrage Show

Adam Ruins South Dakota

Gerald’s Game on Netflix

Misery (1990 Film)

Denny Sanford Premier Lies Center

Vikings Stadium Siding

Joe Sneve (Argus Leader Reporter)

Jonathan Ellis (Argus Leader Reporter)

Free Thinkers Billboard Guy

Jodi Schwan

Jubilee Year

Basic Income

Hugh Hefner

Washington Pavilion Kinky Boots

Ken Burn’s The Vietnam War

Sioux Falls Design Week

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