Sioux Empire Podcast 092 Happy New Year 2018 With Skyler Bolks

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

We’re back baby!  The Sioux Empire Podcast welcomes Sioux Falls Comedian Skyler Bolks to our 2018 season premiere.  We try to catch you up on the stories we missed during the break in December, but mostly get hung up on the seamen center story.  Aside from Rob describing stud testing bulls in way, way too much detail the crew also checks up on the Copper lounge drama in Sioux Falls, the monster house case (We’ve all seen the claymation documentary about), and state rep Steven Haugaard (R- Sioux Falls) and his condom fetish.  This episode is brought to you by Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival celebrating comedy and…Snow! That’s right there is no other comedy festival like it. Thirty comedians from around the country will be traveling to Sioux Falls, SD to perform in various venues across the city. Over the course of three days they will perform in both stand up and themed showcases, not only testing their comedy wits but their endurance to the cold. All the while supporting a good cause. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics of South Dakota.  Look out 2018; The Sioux Empire Podcast is back!



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