Tactical Pain Episode 005 Susan Meier with Sioux Falls Cryo

Jeni Mc confronts her fear of cold with Susan Meier from Sioux Falls Cryo.  Susan explains how for some people cryotherapy can help to reduce pain and help with recovery for athletes.  Originally developed as a rheumatoid arthritis treatment, cryo has helped many people reduce inflammation.



Jeni Mc, Cryotherapy, Pain management, athletes, inflammation, Susan Meier, Cryosauna, Healing, recovery, aging, rheumatoid arthritis, fear, endorphins, compression therapy, non-invasive, maintenance

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About the Author
Jennifer McNamara has lived with a chronic pain condition for two decades. After struggling with diagnosis and working to find successful treatment, McNamara realized she needed to take a proactive approach to each day. Developing strategy, and a tactical outlook, McNamara looks to win the battle with her pain, and help others do the same.