Sioux Empire Podcast 102 Is Sioux Falls Broken? with Matthew Livingston

The long twilight of the Legislative Session is over so the Sioux Empire Podcast Crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes) join up with friend of the show Matthew Livingston to tackle things closer to home.  We talk through the recent crime statistics released for Sioux Falls and the communities reaction. The economic news for Sioux Falls residents as bankruptcies rise. Thankfully we manage to spin it into a thing about exotic animal smuggling.  After that Robert threatens Matthew until he finally spends some time reflecting on listening to almost all of the first 100 episodes of The Sioux Empire Podcast and how far we’ve come. This episode is sponsored by Macabre Grimoire Podcast. Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.  Coming May 1st! Learn more at MacabreGrimoire.com. The Sioux Empire Podcast hopes that one day Seth will accept that Curling is the one real game of kings.

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We’re Number #2



I really think that as a community we can pull together and make it to number one.

We’re not in the money



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South DaCola Podcast Ep 014 Janet Brekke

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Special Guest Janet Brekke candidate for Sioux Falls City Council At-Large Seat A.




Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Tags and Topics

Scott Ehrisman, Robert Mehling, Janet Brekke, Rex Rolfing, Run off elections, signatures, Michelle Erpenbach, City Attorney, code enforcement, Project NICE, Project KEEP, Sidewalks, project trim, broken windows syndrome, adopt a highway, adopt a neighborhood, neighborhood watch, affordable housing, NAFTA, Drugs, Gangs, Violence, Growth, Embracing Diversity, Diversity Education, English Language, Clean, Safe, mental health, addicts, rehab, Mayor, long range strategic planning, public input, civility, Theresa Stehly, open meeting laws, Pat Starr, Greg Neitzert, Rick Knobe, Honey Baked, Honeybaked Ham, deregulation, Touch of Europe, Health Inspectors, texting ban, distracted driving, institutional memory, policy specifics

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Sioux Empire Podcast 099 The Alchemist and Nick Weiland

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

This week Nick Weiland, candidate for Sioux Falls City Council, has been tricked into guest hosting the Sioux Empire Podcast with Robert Mehling and Seth Glover. Before we deep dive into Sioux Falls politics, there’s another installment of Seth’s Bi-Weekly Book club. This week we explored a tale of adventure, love, and destiny with The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This week’s episode is sponsored by the Chaos Reigns Podcast. Chaos Reigns is a talk show about Horror Films, Sci-Fi, Comics, Acting and a host of other topics. The Sioux Empire Podcast went on a dream quest back in college (Go Yotes), I dreamt about skittles making me happy, so I ate skittles non stop for three days and got epic sick. True Story.

Seth’s Book Club
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Nick Weiland, candidate for Sioux Falls City Council at-large seat B


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Sioux Empire Podcast 096 The New Colossus with Polly Dean

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

This week The Sioux Empire Podcast Crew (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover) get serious to talk about human trafficking with Polly Dean from The New Colossus.  But First, they talk about Russian Gun Advocates, arbitrary, meaningless lists,  and all of those bald glowing children in Brandon.  This episode is brought to you by Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival celebrating comedy and…Snow! That’s right there is no other comedy festival like it. Thirty comedians from around the country will be traveling to Sioux Falls, SD to perform in various venues across the city. Over the course of three days they will perform in both stand up and themed showcases, not only testing their comedy wits but their endurance to the cold. All the while supporting a good cause. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics of South Dakota.  Don’t look into it but The Sioux Empire Podcast is the #1 podcast in the entire universe according to absolutelynotamadeuplistwebsiteseriously.fakeweb.  


The New Colossus



Sno Jam Comedy Fest




The Sioux Empire Podcast has no scruples and will totally launder your rubles.


A Failing Grade


More arbitrary lists



Radioactive!  Radioactive!

I guess all of those bald glowing children were drawing some attention.  



Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, The New Colossus, Polly Dean, Argus Leader, Human Trafficking, arbitrary lists, KSFY, KELOLand, Law Enforcement, Bad Drivers, Brandon, Russia, Imagine Dragons, Internet Safety, Emotional Manipulation, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Snapchat, Criminal Record, Student Loans, Rehabilitation, Drugs


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Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 003 – The Meth Epidemic

Parental Advisory




Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 003 – The Meth Epidemic

With Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Char Green, and Kat Stands

Produced by Robert Mehling

Special Guest: Comic Creator / Writer James Murray

Native Hip Hop Spotlight – Ryan Craig & The RezHogz:  I Got Your Back


The Meth Project:


Meth Project Help Resources:



Meth Related Convictions Lead To Banishments On Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation



Dances with Wolves actor not welcome on Fort Peck Reservation



The Red Road to Wellbriety in the Native American Way


Survey: More High Schoolers Try Meth in South Dakota than Across the Nation



Methamphetamine In Indian Country: An American Problem Uniquely Affecting Indian Country



Floyd Mayweather Says New Rappers Have Made It “OK To Be A Junkie”


Crank Lucas: History of Hip Hop Drug Songs




Therapeutic Music 5


James Murray




Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 003 - The Meth Epidemic

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 003 – The Meth Epidemic

Tags and Topics:

Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Char Green, Kat Stands, James Murray, Anthony Withers, The RezHogz, Ryan Craig, Rosebud Indian Reservation, Meth, Methamphetamine, addiction, Robert Mehling, Drugs, DARE Program, Marijuana, Indian Country Today, Hawkeye, Antelope South Dakota, St Francis Indian School, The Meth Project, Paint the State, Montana, Colorado, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Reservation, Dances with Wolves, talking circle, Wellbriety, Calvary Episcopal Cathedral, Indigenous People United, White People, Prison, Nancy Reagan, Just Say No, Parenting, High School, Side Effects, California Indian Legal Services, Prenatal methamphetamine exposure, Meth Teeth, Breaking Bad, Blue Meth, Walter White, Ritalin, Floyd Mayweather, Percocet, Crank Lucas, JellyRoll, Therapeutic Music 5, Frankenstein, Pro Wrestling, Teaching, Peppermint Monster

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With The Nation In The Grip Of An Opioid Epidemic Vince Grant Releases Poignant Video “Sweet Addiction”

As the country faces an ever-widening opioid epidemic, singer-songwriter Vince Grant has released a new video, Sweet Addiction, an affecting musical account of his personal struggle with addiction.  The song is the latest from his critically acclaimed EP entitled, My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me, which the Huffington Post featured stating, “To say that this EP is promising, good, or great would be a disservice.  It’s more than that.  It’s an ethereal voice that tells us we are not alone.”  The release has been featured on dozens of music industry websites, and received excellent reviews from such popular and diverse sites as Music Times, Nashville Music Guide, Popdose, Rebel Noise, antiMusic, Review Fix, Absolute Punk and Guardian Liberty Voice, among others.

As the title of the EP suggests, many of the lyrics deal with Grant’s ongoing battle with depression, but he also explores his past of alcohol and drug addiction.  The song Sweet Addiction addresses his journey to fight and overcome the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse to ease his internal pain.  “Drugs, alcohol, depression, they took me out.  I was heavily self-medicating,” says Vince.

The accompanying video was directed, shot and edited by up and coming director Sandu Negrea.  “This is the second video I’ve done with Sandu and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him.  He’s an artist both behind the camera and in his editing.  His skills and artistry are evident for all to see.  For me, he completely captured the emotion and pain of the song, as well as the underlying message of hope,” states Grant.  “I think he has created a very powerful piece.  It’s actually hard for me to watch as it brings back a lot of memories.”

In addition to the critical response his EP has received, Grant has also been making new fans, many who have contacted him to say how much what he is doing and his music means to them.  “I get messages from people thanking me for my openness and honesty, how my music has helped them with their depression or that of a loved one.  How the songs have helped them with their own struggles with alcohol and addiction or better understand someone similarly afflicted.  Some have even expressed that the music helped them possibly understand how someone close to them would commit suicide.  I write songs to cope and it’s an incredibly powerful, and humbling, experience to connect so deeply with somebody through music.”

His website features songs, interviews, reviews, pictures and videos.  For more, visit: www.vincegrantmusic.com


About Vince Grant:

From his bio,  “I’ve suffered from depression my whole life. Really can’t recall a time I haven’t been depressed, even as a kid.  In more joyful moments, I was and still am aware of the specter of the disease lurking in the shadows, hovering around me and waiting to pounce at any moment.  It’s an unnerving way to live.  After years of painful confusion I was placed on psychiatric drugs and later diagnosed as being bipolar.   I took these medications for quite some time and during the last four years of treatment was on three different psych meds per day.  During this period I was also self medicating by drinking heavily and using various street drugs as well as abusing my prescription medications.”


Website: http://vincegrantmusic.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ Vince-Grant-295743500446097

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ channel/ UC3Tl3hzYUi689ApmqryH1xw

Twitter:   @vincegrantmusic

Instagram:  vincegrantmusic

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